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This was written as an acknowledgement to my past and as a transition into my future it is the culmination of the transition of being a solider to now embracing the new journey before me as I begin to pick my way threw life as a civilian to continue to care for my wife and those that ...
A "trade" Treaty that will ultimately could collapse our entire economic infrastructure, is The Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. This was written by a blogger from a website called "The Economic Collapse". I wanted to share this here as it needs wide dissemination. This is ...
This is chapter one of my autobiography, Eating My way to Heaven about my recovery from incest and bulimia and my transformation through a SuPRANAtural experience in the garden.
We often wonder why we attend church all of our lives, but never experience the peace and joy that God promises to believers. Maybe we need to check our mindset. Perhaps we are holding onto old habits and behaviors that are hindering our spiritual growth. Maybe we're not thinking righ...
Yoga -- Not just streching, but an ancient method for attaining self-transcendence and union with the God-Being.
Demonstrates the Curative Powers of Positive Thinking
When I first saw the video I cried. Then as the leopard moved into transformation because of Anna's ability to communicate with pictures in her mind to this fabulous animal I cried some more...perhaps I am a cry baby for I cry for sadness and I cry for joy...but I was moved to write ...
Do Not Be Conformed To The Pattern of This World ~~~ BUT ~~~ Be Transformed ~~~ BY RENEWING YOUR MIND!
This is a poem about the cross as a symbol of the human body in service to the spirit and our function of bringing the high spiritual vibration of love into the density of matter.
Remember that your life is a story – and you are the author. That means you have the power to transform any story, simply by finding the positive in it.
We are on the cusp of a great breakdown of the social order. Despite our amazing technological advances, the collective wisdom of humanity has not kept pace, and as a result technology keeps being put to nefarious purposes. Simply put, it is now time to change that.
She was a boy and he was a girl before they meet. During the transition, they lost some of their friends but they continue doing what they think is better to themselves. Their parents are there for them and very supportive to what they want to be. It's an amazing story.
When I think of pebbles I think of something smooth to the touch ...but I also think of the process to get to that place ...
This is a poem I wrote about love and how we're all searching for it.
The Problem is the biggest Assumption created by Human Thought! So, what is that assumption and how it had happened and happening now in our daily lives? How to get out of it? Once we understand these things, we are out of PROBLEM. Let us go into it, in a very simple way and get ou...
The developers of such programmes should do something to save the languages from going mechanical completely. Language belongs to human and not to machines; it should be used in the human way not mechanical way.
This article is written just to moralize every single person who thinks that he/she is skinny , but the thing is they can bulk up for sure.. by reading this article they will know how they can transform them from skinny to bulked :)
This is just s short rhyme coined into a political speech during campaign of a prominent politician. I hope its good.
Exploring the idea that we are traveling in one of two realities existing side by side.
I have so much compassion for Adam and Eve, even though they did disobey God's edict. Satan had it in for them from the beginning, because Satan wanted to kill Adam and Eve. I can't express enough about the father of lies and deception, but only to advise, read, BREAKING THE ANTICHRIS...
It is amazing how people and the surrounding seem to change when this time nears.
All things must pass, and this too shall pass. Transformation is inevitable.
This is the first time history Bangladesh is going to have a connectivity with the neighboring countries which is termed as connectivity.
Over the next decade the world will undergo a profound transformation unlike anything before in all of recorded history.
Escape, used as avoidance, is not an option. We must face the continuing discordant chorus in the ballad written in the songs of our particular lives.
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