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An article about the diversity that exists within human sexuality.
Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, has made her debut to the world on the upcoming July issue of Vanity Fair.
Bruce Jenner is fascinating and epic but Kris jenner may be the real story here.
The gay and lesbian community has been welcomed to Pittsburgh since the late 70's, and the city has had a gay-rights ordinance on the books since 1990 that prevents discrimination based on sexual orientation.
A story about how one of my favorite Rebel Girls united me with some friends, and expanded a revolution.
Not all Trannies’ are gay. Unlike the Queen's who have almost the same term. Tranny's are different in many aspects and deserve your respect both as a writer and as a reader.
I am writing this article for the Christians, those who profess to be true followers of Jesus Christ. I am writing it especially for those Christians who read what I write here on Wikinut, and feel justified in calling me a gay basher because I wrote a piece that wasn’t favorable to...
She was a boy and he was a girl before they meet. During the transition, they lost some of their friends but they continue doing what they think is better to themselves. Their parents are there for them and very supportive to what they want to be. It's an amazing story.
In my experience, Women do not have complicated lives when it comes to homosexuality. They tend to be simple and straightforward. Yes, I said straight and no, do not pardon the pun. When writing your Lesbian characters do it with respect and care.
They are a few in the news, and some in very important political and commercial positions. They are a step above a Butch Lesbian.
The reader knows that she is bisexual only because she is sleeping with Stephanie and with Steve
Butch lesbians are a different breed of lesbians. They are the counterparts of the Effeminate Men.
This is a cute and funny way to call feminine women who like women. The concept is that since they are feminine and wear lipstick, they are Lipstick Lesbians. It is the counterpart of Straight Acting Gay Men.
Why could AMC be thinking with their newest reality TV show, Small Town Security? Have they forgotten their channel's tagline, "Story matters here?"
Having a well improved breast is one of a trans-genders dream. In any case, breast is one sign of femininity and plays a significant role in seeking the path to being a woman
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