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This page is about the verdict that sparked the summer of 2013.
Society has a problem. Instead of focusing on a general campaign to end all forms of violence, we devote disproportionate attention to violent acts where the victim and (alleged) perpetrator are of a different race, sexual orientation or gender. This is not only ignorant but it actual...
Rick Ross has music fans heated all over the face of North America, and its all because of one simple line in the lyrics of his song 'Black and White'.
Marissa Alexander has been sentenced to 20 years for preventing having her head beat in by her abusive husband.
What can happen when people pull 'race cards' out of their sleeve.
Only they will ever know what really happened. This was partially submitted for an assignment for my Masters of Arts (Writing) class. This is a fictional depiction of the lead up to a real event; however, and there is absolutely no reference to the incident itself. I have used fact...
This article proposes a strategic proposal for response to the Zimmerman Acquittal. Perceived enemies must find it necessary for the nation to go forward.
George Zimmerman has been acquitted on all charges related to the killing of Trayvon Martin. Now that the jury have given their verdict, it appears that there are things Justice knows that ordinary folks like me do not know.
Predictably, George Zimmerman was found not guilty yesterday for pulling out his gun and murdering Trayvon Martin at point blank range in February of 2011.
We as human being's deserve justice to be served. There are no categories on murderers. All consequences should follow in the end. The system seems to always remain to fail on justice. Racism is still among us.
Everyone makes mistakes and that includes you and me. Should a person suffer forever for the things one does? No for we should forgive each other as Christ Jesus has forgiven us. If someone did or said the wrong thing once, its just a mistake that they will regret, but do they have to...
Young black boys dying young and people tend to blame it on drugs and gangs. Which is not true.
Important issues facing the black community are lost in the mix
Profiling? We all do it. Don't deny it. If you are breathing, you are profiling. No one would deny that profiling can sometimes be very hurtful. But isn't profiling also practical and helpful in certain circumstances?
Commentary of the Trayvon Martin case and the racial divide that is now gripping our nation.
Racism seems to be becoming more prevalent lately. Or perhaps it is just because racists have access to the internet, too. Whatever the reason, it is a very scary thing.
Two separate incidents in Florida and St. Louis seem to indicate that racism is still prevalent in American society. Should the president sound off on racial incidents? Are his comments one sided? What does racism tell a person about himself?
Trayvon Martin, it seems, made the fatal mistake of being born black.
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