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The opportunity is out there just fly your sails and go the distance. No matter what happens fight for your beliefs and don't let go of your dreams
Did you ever hear a story or legends about a hidden treasure? Find out the most Valuable treasure on Earth. The most mysterious place on Earth
There are some experiences in life that we call treasured. Treasured means that there are some specialties in life that impacted your life and can be so helpful in the lives of others. There is a certain amount of empathy that we must learn to share and experience in order to develop...
This is the last of the present series of my Dolly Ducktail story's
This poem if aimed at the adventurer in you, with Pirates of the high seas, treasures, dangers and Rum.
This is the adventures of Tom and Ruby, find out what happends when they discover the mysterious room
This is a riddle i made, with some metaphors. The answer is simple, it may seem complex but its not. Put your answer in the comment box.
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