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We all love to eat great desserts, but seem to worry so much about calories, sugar, fat, etc. I decided to do something some people are scared to do. I decided not to use any sugar, but instead find naturally sweet ingredients such as apples, oranges, honey, pineapples strawberries, e...
This is a Halloween poem about a little pumpkin that wants to grow big and strong. Pumpkins do have feelings as this poem will show.
Halloween is Charlie's special night. He loves to yell boo into the night.
Dairy free doesn't have to mean taste free! These delicious 'free from' muffins are a tasty way to treat yourself and your family. Perfect served with tea, coffee or a soya milkshake.
Anyone who keeps pet chickens can save a bit on feed, and can get rid of some kitchen, and garden, waste, by feeding certain left over people foods to their birds.
Food allergy and intolerance seems to be a growing problem in the western world. This can cause a number of problems when shopping as these ingredients are common place in a variety of every day foods. Thats why it's alway a bonus to have a few recipes of your own, so you know exactly...
This almond milk dairy free strawberry and chocolate shake recipe is a very simple and delicious way to get some of the recommended five a day. It's fun and easy to prepare making it a great treat for kids and adults alike, without the guilt.
Do you like making homemade treats for your dog or dogs? This recipe is to make peanut butter cookie treats for your dog. This is an easy recipe to make. I hope that you enjoy making them for your four legged friend and the dog will love them.
Carac, a chocolate tart with a green fondant topping. Certainly not just for St Patrick’s Day
A lady with a simple dream that would go on to take over the world
This is one of the dog recipes I make for Bugg and Sweet Tee. I started the process of changing my dogs diet, after one was diagnosed with diabetes.
Fat Cakes ( Magwinya) Fat Cakes, deep fried cakes( similar to yorkshire pudding). It is a classic Setswana bread, served savory or sweet. These Setswana cakes are perfect as a snack on a cold, winter day with a nice hot cup of tea.
If sugar has a grip on you, here are three simple tips to help you reduce your dependence without eliminating sweet treats altogether.
Set out this super spooky ghoulish spread at your next Halloween party or get together for the kids and you are sure to be the talk of the neighborhood. Do your guests dare to bite into a juicy "Eyeball" made of peanut butter, M&M candies and frosting? They'll disappear so fast you ...
Acne has become very popular within our society. Everyone seems to have or has fought with acne and wants to tell their story to you. From celebrities saying how great the acne products that they sponsor are to scientist telling you about a brand new discovery in the cure of acne, it ...
Tired of buying your dog treats all the time? You don't have to, you can make them yourself, at home, right in your house.
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