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An old man shocks a courtroom with his confession.
The story of one of my top non-science fiction favorite books.
This pom relates about the nature of lizards as being aloof and lonesome-looking.Their eyes bear meaning.Try to look at your lizard.
A man accused of arranging the murder of his wife when the honeymoon will appear in court in South Africa.
A review of the Longest and possibly most unfair Trial in Jamaica's History
The world at large is filled with series of cases characterized by one level of illegalities or the other. These are done by judges, witnesses in court, lawyers, attorneys, and in capital cases.
Effects of the Jodi Arias trial will continue to linger until her punishment is finally decided. This article contains my thoughts regarding the trial.
Life has many twist and turns. The scariest of them are those unexpected…
In some situation there are always aid to help with a problem, but as a father there is no such help.
April PAD Challenge Day 3 from Robert Brewer's blog to write a tentative poem.
We always see people around us who inspires us and open our minds, souls and hearts to our purpose in life. Some of the people around me, made me realize that the purpose of my life is to Serve God and humanity.
Life can be hard and trying. But trials come that we may learn from them and grow. This is what I learned from brain surgery.
The Former Prime Minister of Italy denies sex with Moroccan teen age girl Karima el-Mahroug in Italy.
Aiming for a cherry or an eye might not be easy for the first time. Don't stop. Try again for many times.
It is unfortunate that a teacher did not understand that bed wetting is quite natural and in the case of girl children bed wetting is an ailment that requires medical treatment from a specialist.Hence, the child who was punished by the teacher for bed wetting needs Juvenile Justice.
Sometimes the general public can't help wonder if lawyers are presenting all the facts in a court trial. Do they present only those that are able to support their case? Can we really still trust the justice system?
A short Haiku which reflects the ultimate Fate that awaits us all.
We are all bound to make mistakes throughout our lifetime and we have to move forwards learning from those mistakes
There is a Judge, and there is Justice. Our time in this world is very much finite. When the time comes, and our name is called, some will be very much surprised to find out that there WILL BE full accountability for their past actions below. Only, the plan is that our last days in...
Nicknamed the Hanging Judge, George Jeffreys was notorious for meting out his harsh punishments from an inn in the county town of Dorchester. But does his ghost haunt somewhere far less likely?
Poetry with a message. Poetry is more than words on paper. It is the venue by which much deeper lessons can be transmitted through the eyes, heart, and experiences of the author. It is not just a hobby, but more often is a real part of the soul of the poet departing a very real part o...
I was facing a decision, a choice, these are my thoughts and feelings.
The United States Constitution states what the American government can do or cannot do. Here are some of the laws.
Great West life insurance company was sentenced to pay record settlement by Canadian court.
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