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Synthea, Syn A Tribute... 2010 Now 2017 The young teenager brought about a revolutionary poet in Loverme A tribute to Synthea
How Miss Hamilton taught us the art of life; how she laid emphasis on the personal and social aspects of education and how so concerned she was about us. She wore the mask of a strict teacher just for our welfare.
my father in law - gone but never forgotten! Loved by many he loved his folk music and playing music to his grandchildren!
Tribute written by my brother-in-law to my late mother, Mrs. Franca Agha who died on 27th September, 2013, and will be buried on 6th November, 2013.
The soul-artist asked me to gather together 4 or 5 photos of my husband, Jamie, and when I had done that, he informed me that “his” work would show the accumulation of every vision and tenure Jamie would experience and his Auric response to each one – accumulated! – Uthrania S...
This article is a tribute to Loren Moore a wonderful man who helped me when I first published for e-zine, Storytime Tapestry.
I read a lot and sometimes I come across something that really sticks in my head, that seems to stand above the rest in my mind. That is how it was with Edwin Rolfe's poem "A Poem for My Friends Who Laugh At Science Fiction" and I just had to write a tribute to it, bring it up to date...
Little is known about Rania from the time she was born, tracing her family roots back to England, to her growing up years in Canada. Her brief spell in America proved a scourge to the mystery that has surrounded her throughout most of her life. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Hubert Humphrey soliloquy on Americanism is something every Tea Party "patriot" should read.
A Tribute to Lebanese Poet Late Kahlil Jibran - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
This is tribute to Late Vallachira Madhan who was one of the best romantic novelist's of 1950's. The Late writer had encouraged and inspired me for writing poems and novels through his weekly publications during my college days at Irinjalakuda in Trichur - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
55 years ago, a king was born, not your typical king born into royalty. A musical king, that would later come to be known as the "King of Pop" or simply by his initials "MJ".
An Expressive Tribute to every freedom achieved and fought for a relieved life that exists today.
It was not easy but they did it. Sacrificed their lives and fought with the rulers to give 30 crore countrymen a better future. Let's learn about them and let's learn from them.
My second daughter is my best friend, it is amazing how we teach children and then later our daughters teach us.
This is a review on Jason Aldean's song "1994" and it includes a link to a YouTube video of the song. I apologize if it offends anyone, and I would love to hear other people's opinions in the comments!
Today is Mother's Day. I think of all moms and greet them. I greet my dear mom in heaven. I think of the days of my mom's life spent on this earth in selfless love. It has been encouraging and enlightening to me every second of my life. I think of the heavenly Mom who protects me ever...
In support with Earthour and tribute to Mother Earth. The Earth is cryin’ with its unpredictable climate change and consecutive natural calamities around the globe.
This is a short tribute nothing less nothing more Just remembering dad... some ones
Tribute to Gauri She is just a ten year old Indian girl I think She placed a maiden comment on my poem So beautiful kid she! This is for Gauri
Aside from being the 15th president of LDS church, Gordon B. Hinckley was a remarkable writer and author too. He was the author of a national bestseller book called Standing for Something which was originally published in hardcover by Times Book in 2000 and by Three Rivers Press, New ...
Once I composed a poem for a young English poet she was beyong comparison when I was just learning .
This is a short tribute poem about a wee dog called Jack.
Someone we care about has passed on, but my memories continue on. Read on to find out more.
Father's Day is one of the most important celebrations in my family. This article tells a story about my dad and why we celebrate Father's Day each day.
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