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The precedent set by Bradford L. Smith unveils a new tendency in the lobbying domain : to supplant governments in favour of big companies.(1) It is an incidental element from which the new era of lobbying(2) can be inferred. The decisive element is to be drawn from the turning point ...
Alone on a vacation in Jamaica, looking for something
This offer of unlimited holidays in some companies has left me thinking if it isn't another trick of financial capitalism to get rid of employees for free.
I'm a firm believer in natural beauty. I do not believe it should be hidden under copious amount of makeup. I agree beauty can be enhanced. But subtly.
Taking advice from whom it comes, and knowing from whom it comes
Some of the best tips and tricks that you may use in preserving jams and jellies. How to select the right fruit to use in making jams. What utensils should be used during the execution of making jams and jellies. What is the right temperature for the jellies and jam to set. This is al...
Some of the best tips and tricks that you may use in baking cakes and biscuits. How to save more time baking. How to determine if your cake is ready or not. When to turn over your cakes when you're done baking it. What to do first before starting to mix and bake. This is also a great ...
How people respond to their beliefs, not to the facts nor reality
How the Internet has become the centre of bad science and dangerous diet advice
FB Ad tangible autoplay video is quite disturbing. Those ads do not require the user clicks the action and will be played automatically. If disturbed by its presence, through these tips you can anticipate it.
Poems on two different men-one an interesting chatterbox and other a clever trickster
A necessary check list to avoid dating married men
a Quick guide over the rated tricks in Fifa 13 with pictures!!
How to prevent yourself from being used as a promoter of other sites which may prove to be questionable.
A poem about how love is the strongest of all emotions and that when it comes your way you can not fight it.
Marjorie's husband, Stanley, is a relentless practical joker. After he goes too far, Marjorie decides to fight back, with magical results.
How I became absolutely scam proof by being a loser
Find out how - An RKE Enabled Car can be Unlocked Without its Key Around in its range
A story for Halloween, with a message to all who let their children go out alone on Halloween night.
Clarifying the 'Long Con' using the example of Tiger Woods
Sometimes when we do something as an incentive it may be interpreted the wrong way
Telling tall tales, making fools out of the pin brain and the pompous
How many Netizens have probably sold themselves into slavery by clicking 'I accept'
No temptation has taken man which is not common, we are tested every day of our lives, and we get the victory when we put our trust in the Lord, Jesus did not yield to temptation,
A concise examination of the Factoidz writing site
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