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Some people can just make a scene to get what they want. No, I'm not talking about just children. Adults do it too.
I can't believe college is over, i cant forget all those beautiful memories with my friends. I want to share about a place where i went with my friends for the first time and enjoyed a lot.
Abudhabi not your common touring place, The Disbelief Of Dessert Fun In Abu Dhabi And Why You Should Take A visit To The Sand-dunes
Today is the day Max will be reunited with Danielle. He thought he'd lost her and she found him. They had a love that had a beginning but no ending.
Danielle left Max behind to return to her farm. Her heart is heavy with sadness. The trip was a nightmare and she's fortunate to have survived it.
A poem asking whether trains smell or not. As a frequent traveller I do get put off by the unpleasantness of a train journey due to a variety of different odours.
I wrote this in response to a challenge of some sort. I no longer remember when. It qualifies as what I call "snapshot" stories as they are meant to tell the life of person in as brief a manner as possible. A sort of "snapshot" if you will. This one has a bit of horror associated w...
Believe it or not, my head-on encounter with jellyfish added a lot color of joy to this summer vacation.
India is an exotic place with unique landmarks and places having cultural significance. Taj Mahal or Indian Curry, tourists will soon find themselves enamored by both the tranquility as well as the rich heritage reflected in its temples and architecture. This is an article about Coorg...
With the help of my writing website pay from Bubblews and PayPal from the smartphone app, Perk Tv, my family will be going on a weekend adventure to Cincinnati Ohio.
Desert Safari is a tour into the deserts of Dubai. The safari takes you right into the desert where you can enjoy camel rides, dune bashing, applying mehendi on your hands and many more activities that you will enjoy. The Desert Safari is an experience that you will never forget.
Sometimes the best vacation option could be found somewhere closer to a place so familiar with you it becomes a relief knowing just where it is and how accessible it could always be --- and at no real expense.
All-inclusive family vacations can be a great way to travel without issue.
An unplanned trip leads to an accident that will leave a mental scar on a young boy for life. When there is a child or children around,you must make sure all items of endangerment is properly put up for safety and out of a child reach. If not;then this is what is bound to happan.
Are you planning a trip to Salem Mass? Know where to go and what to see when you get there. A tourist's guide to the best attractions in Salem mass.
Staying safe while travelling is important either you are in the hotel room or on the road.
We're all trying to save money. Many of use don't realize how much we spend on travel, even with the constant reminder every time we fill up our tanks. Here are a few tips to help you keep your gas costs as low as possible.
My aunt, bless her soul, was trying to reason with an eight year old, when reasoning didn't work, she asked me if I could think logical about what it was I wanted to do....logical? what was that!!
A pentameter poem about a ship accident in a frozen sea. Adventurous and Spiritual poem.
An Iambic tetrameter poem about two black birds and a train towards an infinite trip.
Each year, you may love to use the summer vacation to make a family trip to enjoy the hot season together. This year, you and your spouse may have welcomed a new little member into your family and you are not sure if you can still bring this little person to travel around with you. We...
In case you are thinking of going on a holiday, this article provides important considerations you should bear in mind.
An Iambic tetrameter spiritual adventure poem, with a personal rhyme scheme.
An Iambic tetrameter poem, about a bike racer and his trip.
In the horizon the ships floated bitter, onto their trip of sempiternal sorrows, A spiritual poem about dusk rides and traveling ships
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