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The United States has taken a wrong turn and is headed straight toward disaster.
The real american tragedy is Trump and the Republicans today.
Today the Republicans and Donald Trump have only intensified to a new low of intelligence in Washington.
What the Trump Administration is doing to the rest of the world and the United States.
Why there is so much turmoil in the US a a rush to get rid of so many monuments.
The short Presidency of Donald Trump has turned into a complete disaster.
Senator Bernie Sanders in Europe doing damage control after Trumps visit.
What this nation needs is the progressive agenda that Senator Sanders is offering to unify this divided nation.
The Age of Decadence is here and along with it brings the sharpest decline of morals in the history of the United States.
The way Trump is acting as President is very similar to the way Hitler acted during the 1930's
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Videos on Youtube appeared on the eve of Putin's telephone conversations and Trump.
What the Trump Administration is trying to do is send America into chaos
The heads of some of the largest US companies have joined the criticism of the US president's decree of Donald Trump on refugees, reports Mashable.
How Trump is attempting to push America back into the 20th century
The joy of the season is overshadowed by an election corrupted.
This Christmas season is marred when Donald Trump won the Presidency.
The past Presidential Election, to which Trump defeated Clinton is marred by the monumental amount of disruptions that are against Trump.
Asking the American people to contact Kasich and for him to honorably withdraw his nomination.
One of the biggest votes is coming up on the 2016 election calendar, and one wonders if it will get the media coverage it deserves.
Today the media is reaping huge profits from this years primary season
A short article on issues we the people want corrected on America to restore the Constitutional Republic & current poll results.
The media by design is purposely beguiling the American public
There is a very striking similarity between Donald Trump, Caesar, and Hitler
There are way too many reasons to avoid voting for Trump. He's such a nuts and a goof ball, womanizer that I'm afraid, he's far from helping the US get back in shape. I mean he has no experiences in politics and he knows little to do his job. Ha, at least Hillary has many years of exp...
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