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Even though there will certainly be times of tests and trials, each individual has been entrusted with a gift and/or talent that empowers them to be productive in their calling. The challenge for us is to be ourselves and not try to be something we're not.
It is definitely our choice. Every day we literally come to the crossroads of Blessing and Curse. The Blessing if you listen obediently and observe to do what God has to say and The Curse if you don’t pay attention to it but leave the road that He tells us to stay on.
When coincidences take place that are unexplainable, could there be an angel involved? Does God answer our prayers when we ask for a sign? These are questions I asked myself when I learned of this true story.
This is about facing problems, stop running from problems. Problems will be solve if people learn to survive from it.
Sometimes we need reminding that we are loved and cared for , regardless of what we may feel or experience in life ....
This is one of the First pieces of conversymmetry/poetry that I did onstage.
When you are in need of something to hold on to, God shows up in the form of a humble servant to encourage your heart as you are being challenged. Words of Encouragement are sent to encourage your heart.
Sometimes trusting can be very hard. There are times when we don't know what to trust or who to trust. That's when we are reminded to trust in the Lord with all of our hearts.
There are times in each of our lives when loved ones either move away or they die , and leave us alone and sad ... this is for all who are experiencing that right now ...
No matter what - Don't give up , as God will lead you into victory if you keep following and trusting Him ....He will.
Every step in life is important. Most of the time, your success depends on your choice. At times you are at a dilemma which way to move further or what to choose. But if you do it holding the hands of God, you need not worry about the consequences.
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