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People talk about the "crazy" society we live in. Here is an opinion and reality on that: Genuine craziness as we know it starts with a dishonesty from the basement level of consciousness or a deep dishonesty. Sanity starts admitting the real and honest truth about things. When I thin...
Yes, the truth is always waiting for the right moment to shine and vanish and lies to the realm of the darkness.
Have you ever sit all alone in a room full of people, all eyes on you for saying what is true?
The Supernatural is often pre trade has a world that is filled with mystical beings, magical powers and strange occurrence like paranormal activity that could not possible be real. However, there is more to the supernatural then we think and it is more real then we chose to believe.
My articles comes from the truth of reality and the solution for it and I will not change a thing in my articles so that it looks like this will be my last article here on Wikinut and just kick back and see how well my 6 articles will do with my 3 articles that have been published on ...
This is a call to each and everyone of us to wake up and see the realities and to raise our voices for the right cause, to stand up for the truth, and to make this world a better place.
The brazened truth is like awkening of Buddha ...when enlightement came his way Tonite it came my way
There really is an enemy against us - who is out to harm us in every way he can - but the truth is that - if we believe - we have One on our side - who will for us and will help us .
This poem takes a dig at the state of the justice systems in the world. It discusses the shortcomings as well as expresses frustration, desperation and disappointment that the public feel when criminals get free or get lenient sentencing.
Let narcissists be damned ,schizophrenics be maimed and unethical ones castrated man or woe of a man....
This poem is about the current problems in the family and society where telling lies seems no big deal!
Taking Inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi I have tried to go more close to my Truth and I hope you will too.
Deals with the possible effect of rumours in our lives, how it is spread, how to deal with the fallout from them, and even how to limit it's damage should such rumours start surfacing. There is also some advice for those who start these rumours, be it innocent or bit it malicious
Lies count for nothing lasting or good. Untruths hurt innocent people and they hurt the ones that tells them the most. If you can't say anything good about a person, place or thing, think before you say anything of the possible end results. The person you hurt most just may be you or ...
Fine-tuning of democratic processes and its functioning will enable us to breathe the sweet air of freedom and majority-will.
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