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This page is all about the never giving up attitude. The page tries to bring about a never giving attitude in the mind of the readers. The page shows the readers why one should never give up.
A lot of people say they can't but what if they can.
This page will talk about how you can do effective saving money.
I'm so sick and tired of trying to find true love...I give up because I've had enough
No matter how hard i try I keep asking myself why I know you no longer care For your love you no longer share
This poem is the one which gives courage to people that they should not panic at any stage or circumstance of life because trials and tribulations are always a part of every stage of a journey and it’s the duty of that person to win over those issues with full determination, streng...
A poem about my garden wishing well, how it brings luck to others but not me.
A short poem about the methods we employ to keep the world at bay sometimes.
Even though, these methods differ in their ways on how to sell the items, they have the same intent and that is to sell.
It is by love we live happy and wonderful life. Loving is living with the joy that is to be experienced in this marvelous creation. Every heart readily responds positively to a kind word. Winning the hearts is very easy if you have an inclination to care for the feelings of others. He...
This poem is the outcome of my wandering mind at times when I could not come up with an emphatic idea of my own heart getting confused with many incomprehensible aspects of life. It is a fact that this poem too has evolved into such an imperceptible monologue, which the readers have ...
Just some tips, maybe if you follow them, it will ensure you become single again.
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