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This the latest and year end picture of our favorites UGC writing sites as googled by this author. The ranks have changes like mythical pound for pound list since January of this year -2015- you'll be surprise to find it out.
Can you make money on Facebook? Is there a website like Facebook where users can get paid? Can you get paid for contributing content to Facebook? What is tsu?
New social media website TSU seems to be causing a real stir, but is it worth your time and will you really get a return from the social media site that pays.
Following a number of invites to join new social media site, TSU I finally decided to take the plunge earlier today an so far I am very impressed.
Unlike any of the truly competitive social media available today, Tsu is the only social media offering a cut of the revenue earned but also runs like a social media.
About a new social media site that pays it's members
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