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Not a conspiracy theory, but actual sightings from various space administrations worldwide, have come to light. The puzzling part, is if NASA have known all along, why on earth have they been denying all knowledge for years and have kept it hidden from citizens for so long?
I have selected these three poems to reflect, being ignored, neglected, taken advantage of, or not being acknowledged
It is a satirical article for those who can understand satire.Irony would be definitely there. Read understand and recreate.
A recent investigation and discovery. Atlantis may have been located in southern Spain.
As long as it doesn't concern us, we tend to dismiss even the most severe of human tragedies.
The true story of a Tsunami that hit Southern Newfoundland in 1929
On December 31, 2013, there were two separate underground nuclear explosions at the crippled Fukushima power plant. Strange we have heard nothing about it in the media.
While PAGASA, the experts, the media and the government call it “storm surge” the one that hit Visayas during the supertyphoon Yolanda (internationally known as Haiyan), some of those who witnessed it believed that it was tsunami. I get it if one would insist that tsunamis are tri...
Captain Jeremiah Higgins, while long working on the sidelines while up aboard the starships, launches his maiden writ and talks about interplanetary vortexes relative to Earth, and about mind waves and oceanic waves related thereto. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Relief measures should be started immediately after the cyclone or tsunami. It requires short -term emergency measures like rescue, relief water pumps, machines to remove debris and communication equipments.
How the northern peninsula of France became the Island nations of Great Britain
Review of the recently released-to-dvd film "The Impossible", starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts.
It is a daily challenge to find meaning in our lives as we fall into despair easily. Who am I? is worth pondering to keep our focus whenever we feel lost. We are just part of the whole process of creation and set to merge with the One eventually.
When a tsunami comes all dogs alert human beings Let's utilize their advance knowledge at ease...
My thoughts for Sunday, October 28, 2012. On earthquakes, tsunamis, coffee and the Bible.
The concept of heaven varies widely among different religions and political groups. False promises may mislead many. This is the story of a hopeful limping man to reach heaven alive.
In a moment the world can go topsy- turvy .One such moment in life comes but once.
The night of love turned sour as it was taken over by the Lords capacity to devour.
As happened during Nazi’s regime, reluctance in opposing evils in time may turn disastrous.
Will mankind survive the Deluge? It depends on how they approach the problem. This is a short discussion.
Here's a tribute to what every mother endures during childbirth.
Aceh, people of Indonesia also called as "The Terrace of Mecca", has magnificent dance, Saman Dance..
In this video the Japanese people extend their heartfelt gratitude to the people all over the world you came to their aid after the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck on March 11, 2011.
The environment needs to be protected but not at the cost of progress of the mankind. Several countries need to take concerted action to provide the basic amenities and uplift people above the poverty line. What is needed a proper balance between the two.
A contingency, pleasant or harmful, may arise in our life. It would be prudent to be prepared to meet such contingencies.
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