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I think there is no limitation of food in any country for eating, but Japan wishes their people must be health and tidy. So they have imposed a rule that the tummy size must not cross the limit.
Shedding half-a-kilo flab each week by following a powerlifters plan for cutting calorie amidst strength building is indeed possible, read more to discover...
Obese people around the world worry about health as they realise the problems of being fat. Without motivation and determination it is never possible to become slim if you're already obese.
If you are looking for a simple way to gain that perfect flat stomach then the plank is the exercise for you. No need for expensive equipment or hours of training just a little time and of course some effort and that toned tummy could be yours.
Dry fruits and nuts are important they can be consumed in between the lunch and dinners.
Bipasha Basu fashion model and celebrity of bollywood maintains her body as slim with fixed diet.
Colic lasts for about three months, and is distressing for both mother and baby.
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