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New research shows that breast cancer is actually 10 different kinds of cancer. This new information will make diagnosis and treatment better in the long run.
Do you think your dog or cat have cancer because they have a tumor? Here is the tumor guide.
A tribute to all the people who have been with the sufferers and took great care of the victims of this dreaded disease.Also included is a review on the book "Death Be not Proud" by John Gunther who himself shares his experiences as father of a teenager who fights with death, sufferin...
Some women who are diagnosed with cancer may not have it. Get the reason why here?
Last year over a million and a half people were diagnosed with some form of cancer. People have stopped to think about whether the food they eat contains carcinogens and affect their health.
If this is you when you witness any sort of distress or torment in your body, then its presumably time you paid regard to your body's signs.
This article will tell you about Cancer, Its detection, treatment and prevention. We need to know more about this deadly disease and fight against it.
Here i talk about the steps involved in Chemical Carcinogenesis and types of chemical carcinogens.
This is an brief introduction into a cancer called mesothelioma. Tells about possible symptoms, any treatment available, and its outcome.
Brief introduction about a very rare cancer by the name of the leiomyosarcoma.
Breast cancer is one of the most common deadly diseases that most women suffer. Sometimes, many often find it delayed before they know that the cancer cells which spread among their breast tissues was diagnosed to be in the terminal stage. Women are more prone to be diagnosed with bre...
Three short story’s, in the first, a story of the closing of the day. my second was inspired by the "What if" scenario, and finally privet eye Johnny Silver on the case
More than two hundred distinct types of cancer have been identified. Among these two hundred types of cancer there are important differences in development, function and harmful effects.
A tumor is a concentration of cancer cells that have developed abnormally.
In medical terminology, cancer is a disease caused by abnormal and anarchic proliferation of abnormal cells in body tissues, which consequently causes the formation of malignant tumors in the body.
Hepatoblastoma is a killer childhood cancer of which there is no cure. Each year many innocent children die of this nasty monster.
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