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Our inner yearnings are clear from time immemorial though we are blinded by those that that prove fleeting leading to Pyrrhic victories at most. Peace is eminently attainable with nature and other species showing the way and history is our teacher. Let us sit together to chart our pa...
Turmoil 1963..In life comes a time when hormonal changes play havoc in men and women This is a poem of those times then
The restlessness we feel in our existence is due to our trying to balance the needs of the body, mind and soul. When we work towards this harmony and make it a way of life, we attain a state of bliss along with a higher consciousness of eternal journey, feeling part of the humongous c...
Is it a given that as you get older that you become wiser? In some instances I think that might be true.
The World at War does that need to include the U.S.A.? Many things are happening around the world are we the police for the world or should we go back into our isolation that we enjoyed before World War II? How does all this turmoil effect our way of life? Read more and give us your o...
Suicide is never a headline you wish to see! Here though an impossible conflict leads to a life so sadly lost, when someone is happy in life why is it necessary for families to intervene? Forcing your daughter into a marriage she does not want sadly leads to suicide, but also families...
This article uses the darkness of a cave as an allegory for spiritual darkness. What affect does spiritual darkness have on us and how can we escape it?
Another poem for my sister, more emotion spilled on paper
The government of Bangladesh is losing faith on people and or people loses faith on the government. As a result government killing a people indiscriminately and controlling media.
This is the current topic that has been happening in Bangladesh, seemingly government in a jeopardy.
The total work is done in the month of February.. on the 28th Feb aloe 60 people were shot dead and many hundreds arrested and injured by police firing.
A poem with double entendre, using a list of words with like endings, to make a point about watching what you eat and say. Always chew your food well, and chew on what you want to say before you say it and have to live with the results!
Violence against children and women the attack an act that is not praised, and the violation of humanity.
Pakistan is now in a very awkward position as on one side Pakistan has suffered more at the hands of al-Qaida and Taliban than any other country of the world and at the other to regain world faith in war on terrorism. It has to revisit its policies regarding War on Terrorism,Taliban,N...
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