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Every Semi Precious Stone has it's own unique energy and this is what determines it's purpose. Here are some of the most poplar and versatile stones and crystals.
Akhenaten was the first Egyptian Pharaoh to recognize the One God and built a city he did. His beautiful wife Nefertiti was a great lady of that time...this is just a little about them and the glorious country of Egypt. Miles Davis plays his doleful dirge to Nefertiti.....enjoyt
Is there something spiritual about colors? Psychic uses colors to treat soul and emotion. What can colors do to you?
For her great passion, the Queen was banished as her lover, Mithra the Sun God, was. Now she takes her last journey down the Nile.
A Story Poem: A Ship and Her crew lost in the cold and dawning of the night. Their eternal frozen stand off with the King of the Sea for their trespasses.
I own about twelve pieces of turquoise jewelry: This shade is a fusion of green and blue and it looks awesome with white and coral.
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