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Examining the results of the 'Arab Spring' and the very long and dangerous Islamic Winter
Chris Kirubi to spearhead Twitter users throughout Africa in a historic business Tweet chat on CNN's 'African Start-up programme'
Twitter is almost a household word. Twitter and Facebook are alike. The interested vendor know that Twitter will offer a rich source of potential traffic, but how effectively you reach people and make them follow you is your turn.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is again in the news maybe to hype his upcoming fight, get noticed by NBA fans so they buy his next fight, or simply because he is racist. He just made another racist comment over his latest victim – the most talked about and newest NBA sensation Jeremy Lin of t...
Twitter has been the great tool for Web Community for marketing their services ,products ,news and content of mass interest . Updates are termed as Tweets ,reach the million users through the massive social channel . Read this Piece to know more about twitter and ...
All the websites listed are some of my favorite sites that I use. Especially, when I try to promote some of my writing from wikinut and my other blogs.
With the President of the United States and some state governors now using Twitter, the question arises as to how important Twitter is, considering they are taking time out of their day to tweet.
Google Ready to Measure the Effect of Your Social Engagement & E-Marketing Programs Through Its Analytics & Webmaster Tools
If we will analyze how twitter is used we will arrive a conclusion that they are all leading and connecting to social networking in any directions. [b]But why Twitter is insisting that it is not a social networking website[/b]?
my Top 16 Tweets of quarter Half of the year, if you like it favorite or re-tweet it
Twitter is another way of keeping in touch, but only briefly.
Lets be honest, we all tweet our little shrinked up urls, blast them out there in the hopes of getting either traffic, or sales. But lets be honest what is the point in even bothering unless you have the followers that are going to follow through. Twitter, facebook, blogs etc are a fa...
A collection of the funniest tweets on Twitter (Part 1)
While surfing the Internet, I came across Twitter analyzer and was really thrilled about my latest finding of this online tool. Twitter Analyzer is excellent Web analytical Software for Twitter Buffs. It is great tool for all the tweeter users out there to understand their twitter act...
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