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Twice the Tornado is a metaphor for the Twin Towers destruction; an event that shocked the world and changed American lives forever.
Patriot Day... Never Forget... 9/11. This is my tribute to the heroes and the fallen. The link on the first line will take you to an audio recording, as Pentagon is both poem and song.
I, like many were riveted to the horrific and heart-wrenching scenes taking place in the United States of America on that fateful day of September 11, 2001. It's a reminder of how much the world has changed.
I remember where I was and what I was doing 12 years ago today. 9/11-- I won't forget.
Today was 9/11/12; eleven years after the horrific 9/11 tragedy. Today was also a day so very much like that day back in 2001, that it was eerie. The sun was shining, a clear blue sky above, and then, and then all hell broke loose!
Every year that passes, I do my best to write a poem about what had happened on Sept.11/2001. Still to this day, I can not look at any pictures on television or the internet, that has anything to do with 9/11.
Has the World Learned anything about air travel since September 11th 2001?
What do you think really happen on 9-11. I was watching as all America was watching it to. wow ten years and our government shot Bin laden. it seems it just took to long.They got sodom hussain and they got him first, I keep asking myself why did it take so long to get bin laden. I ke...
How are we to move forward from the tenth year after the attacks on 9-11? Are we now winning the war on terror? Is there some better way to fight this war?
Ten years has passed since the horrifyng event of 9/11. We have lost many, and we gain no less.
One September morning I rubbed the sleep from my eyes in time to see the unimaginable come across my T.V. screen. While smoke was still billowing from the first tower, what looks like a 747 plows into one of the second tower, live on NBC's Today Show. With a quick call into work and a...
Osama BIn Laden was arguably the most hated individual on planet earth, but what could have motivated him to undertake such cruel acts of terrorism?
I always thought i would like to read my poems out loud -- , but this one I would never get through without my eyes watering or a lump in my throat......but I hope you do too.
This is a poem in rememberance of 9-11-2001. I wrote and read this poem in front of my eight grade class at the end of the year Promotion Ceremony.
A description of Fear as a technique of propaganda
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