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At times when romantic poets romance and others curse.... twins are generally born to sincere ones. This set is such a one. Though my sine curve of it's own rose I here pose
Hat tricks its something like scoring a six three consecutive times so my twins
My eyes Twins eyes In the ame year twins twice my my any competitors come out please
Bric bats of life This is a twin poem some woman is lovely a beauty whilst some man awaits death ahead
Third set twins ...Well now a days there is no time to waste... after 35 twins suffice... else you have to misery face..and that's no spice
No one single answer sums up a sole reason for twin births, but scientists have concluded that multiple births more than likely come from a few different sources that may involve fertility drugs, heredity, food choices, race and age. A common misconception is that identical twins are ...
The town of Twinsburg was founded by twins, and it celebrates twins every year.
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