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This story is about a child who had a bad dream and different characters who react differently to her dream.
It is a place in my mind where I fight my battle alone. It is my fight which should be fought alone with Supreme god beside me.
The return journey from Kerala to Goa has been equally interesting as I have expected.
It was a Diwali day, when I was travelling to my home - Kannur, Kerala, without reservation.
Taking permission is better than saying sorry for any mistake, or hurting anybody. Do we really take it when it is required or just ignore it?
What can be more astounding when parents sacrifice their sons to become prosperous? It is hard to consider that educated people are involved in sacrificing of animals or birds to change their fortune. More advanced we become, more superstitious we are becoming.
This story is about two businessmen who competed with each other. Once they had decided to meet once and settle their differences. What happened then?
This story is about a boy who fell in love with a girl, just seeing her at a window. What followed was least expected by him.
‘On The Pavement He Lay’ is about the unclaimed dead body, unattended till it turned into a problem for all.
Motorcycle is a humourous short story about a man who bought a second hand motorcycle and what follows was a tale to share with all.
Two Love Poems: How could I have dreamed you? and You. How could I have dreamed you?: About unexpected love in dream. You: About unexpected love in life.
Strolling down the Mahatma Gandhi Road at around ten P.M., I felt I was followed. I turned round and found none. Resuming towards my house, I thought of Shalini who had been the center of attraction at the party I was returning from. Instantly, I heard someone saying ‘Forget her.’
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