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The pan-European UEFA European Championship is one of soccer's top championships. It features the best teams from around Europe who play for the Delauney trophy. The history of the UEFA European Championships can be traced back to the 1960s.
The UEFA European Championship has the best teams and players of Europe. As such, a number of great players have played in the championship. Here are a few of some of the great players that made some impact in the European Championship.
The Champions League is widely regarded to be the best soccer club championship. Overall, it has the finest players and teams of Europe playing for the European Cup. The Champions League also has a history and heritage, with a variety of traditions.
This article provides a brief overview of how teams qualify for the Champions League.
The UEFA European Championships is an enthralling soccer extravaganza played between Europe's top teams. The tournament is one that has been largely dominated by three countries. Three national sides have won eight of the championships between them. These are the teams that have won t...
The UEFA European Championship includes the best national teams in Europe. With 16 of Europe's elite teams there are always a few great games in store at the European Championship. Here are a few of the great games of the UEFA European Championship.
The UEFA European Championship is a pan European soccer cup that includes 16 teams from around Europe. As the Euros usually include teams that dominate the FIFA World Cup there are some great games in the championships. These are a few of the largest match victories in the UEFA Europe...
The UEFA European Championships is a great soccer cup that includes the best teams from Europe. It has been played at various European destinations in the Balkans, Scandinavia, Western Europe and the Mediterranean. Among the host nations there are a few that have hosted multiple Europ...
This article covers how teams qualify for the European Championships.
European football, or soccer, is perhaps the best in the world. While Brazil soccer's team may have won the most World Cups, at club level most of the best teams are of Europe, as well as at international. The history of European soccer championships best dates back to the 1950s.
There have been some very exciting games in the Champions League. With Europe's top players and teams, here are a few of the great games.
The UEFA European Championship is a cup that includes the best teams and players from Europe. However, only a few have scored hat-tricks in the championship. Yet there have still been some great hat-tricks in the Euros, and these are a few of the more notable.
This article covers how UEFA could expand the Champions League.
Holland have had some of the best teams in the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) European Championship. Whilst they have only won it once, they have usually been among the pre-tournament favorites since their revival during the late 1980s. These are a few of the great gam...
European nations have given their generally sponsorship to moving the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to the winter, Britain's FIFA VP has affirmed.
Racism is a continuing stain on football, amongst many others; is the FA on the right track?
I am an Arsenal fan and I really hate it the way Chelsea has taken the bragging right of been the first London Club to Win the Champion's League. Nonetheless, I am also mad at Arsenal and Arsene Wenger for not taking that tournament extra-serious, over the course of our 15 consistent ...
The Italians are going into the Euro 2012 with their tails behind their legs, as their loss against the USA will still be fresh in their minds. They have a lot of work to do in the central defense, but can the magic feet of Balotelli make up the difference?
This is a ranking system which ranks footballing Nations based on their performances on top-level international competitions right from their inception. It is basically the mathematical evaluation of how National teams perform in various forms and levels of football right from their i...
A short account of the 2011 UEFA Champions League Final encounter between FC Barcelona and Manchester United FC.
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