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Coded messages found on rock formations on the Moon.
Discovery of what appears to be a Sasquatch like creature in a recent NASA orbiter photograph of the surface of the Northern Plains of Mars.
The battle for the earth has been waged, darkness had come out victorious and now is posed to make their final strike against earth, one which we will not survive, and yet there is but one glimmer of hope as the sacred chosen may still hold a key to saving the world as as the battle r...
Did Ancient Aliens visit earth thousands of years ago and assist us in our development?
Recent sightings of two identified flying object over London during the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony have been shown on youtube.
I came across this spooky article yesterday which starts with the words: "If you knew what I knew would you share the information or keep it to yourself until the year 2012?
Mans endeavour to reach out to other planets has taken another major step with Mars-500 the multi-part isolation experiment simulating a manned flight to Mars. and now today's launch of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) takes us one step more.
Article covering the increase in sightings of UFOs the last two decades posing the question 'are we alone'.
Personally, I find it easier to believe in Aliens than to believe in God. I have seen a UFO but I have never seen God. Nor have I had any unseen contact with God, I've never felt God to be present with me. But I saw a UFO!!
A short note about the mysterious Area 51. What is out there?
Alien is an extraterrestrial life originating outside of the Earth. Do you believe in aliens/extraterrestrial?
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