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A humorous poem, written in Iambic pentameter form.
I draw the curtains of my room in Tower Mansion in order to get dressed for bed without being seen from outside.
Flying saucers, UFO's... we're so bombarded with reports of them, but it's usually just some people on television somewhere far far away, whom you don't know, who are telling you about these things. But what if your close family tells you about it so very close to home?
Elmarie and Stingley invited us over to their place for Good Friday, so we can have an Easter dinner. Not that there was any Easterness necessarily about it; we probably would have gotten together anyway, but at least it being Easter Friday did give Elmarie her desert idea; to make pu...
In the land of the West, a hard goodbye greeted Uncle Gus and Aunt René. They had been living on Father's farm in the land of the West for ten years now, looking after it and maintaining it.
This article is all about aliens, if they are real, and proof of them being real.
Science has developed to a large extent, but still it is not able to find out answers to some of the possible things in life which is really weird
Cumulonimbus is towering vertical clouds (family D2) are very high, dense, and involved in thunderstorms and other cold weather. Cumulonimbus is one of the vertical cloud that can grow towering to a height of 60 thousand feet (18 km further), and formed due to several reasons, but the...
Unexplained mysteries attached to highway 666 are hard to ignore when you view the statistics associated with this now renamed highway. The amount of accidents is insurmountable, the paranormal incidences are too many to ignore and the so-called bad luck along this stretch of road has...
In late 1999 an interesting article about UFOs sightings appeared in the “ Daily Mail” signed by Nick Pope, who, with a very engaging idea, entitled his article in such a way: “Britain’s X Files ( and yes the true is in these pages)”.
Two presidents have demanded that the UFO files be released. Both were disappointed.
In earlier times, if it wasn’t a plane and it couldn’t be identified, then it was a UFO. In just a few short years, we’ve added a new word to our vocabulary…Drone.
With Kevin trapped in an ice cave under the snow, who will save him? Well, help can come from strange directions....
It is a peaceful night. The moon shines brightly in the sky. Our guy and Majoorbot the flying robot are resting in the building they had found in the middle of nowhere.
Our young man is still crawling down the ledges of a rocky mountain. He spots the moon. That looks like earth's single moon. Great! Now he knows he's on the earth, and that he's in a time after the earth and the asteroid belt were one planet, in case he needed to determine the time to...
The battle for the earth has been waged, darkness had come out victorious and now is posed to make their final strike against earth, one which we will not survive, and yet there is but one glimmer of hope as the sacred chosen may still hold a key to saving the world as as the battle r...
And so, the two spacemen began to move away the rocks, dust and debris, around the space craft. They had no option but to use their hands, which were protected by gloves. Fortunately, their spacecraft had not split during the crash
Captain Korthrox goes into detail in the year of nineteen hundred and ninety-four of how their material would become deliberately sidestepped by frightened publishing houses who desperately wanted it! – Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Did Ancient Aliens visit earth thousands of years ago and assist us in our development?
This page states that I believe in extraterrestrial life. It states that I believe there is a cover-up by the government to hide the fact that ET's exist and for good reason.
Is there a middle ground between the notion of "Creation" as told in the "Book of Genesis" as well as in other "Holy Books" and the "Darwinian theory of evolution "? Yes, the TRUTH! - James Cortez
We can use a spacecraft, but we will only arrive there thousands of years later. Then we can use the wormhole door.
Article deals about the possibility of existence of aliens on earth.
Recent sightings of two identified flying object over London during the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony have been shown on youtube.
Natural UFO principles with practical applications for economical transportation and travel as based on authoritative documented study by scientists on unidentified flying objects.
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