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Canadians are going to the polls on Oct.19th to elect the country's 39th parliament after the longest campaign in its modern history.
The debate over US arms supplies to Ukraine seem decided: Vice President Biden has spoken out against it.
Chancellor Merkel stressed that peace in eastern Ukraine can only be achieved by peaceful means. The United Nations throw the two conflicting parties, meanwhile, the violations of international law.
For days, the Ukrainian armed forces are on the defensive. The pro-Russian separatists carry the fighting in other regions.
The Europeans keep in conflict with Russia. EU Council President Tusk calls for more self-confidence. Against the economic weakness in Europe adopt the leaders of a growth package.
The United States, by meddling in Ukraine, is backing Russia into a corner and creating the distinct possibility of "war as a self-fulfilling prophesy," according to Dennis Kucinich.
Chinese are very upset with Obama chewing gum and Putin offering shawls to the first lady; these two actions must not occur in China.
The Ukrainian military spokesman accuses Russia of having sent tanks and troops across the border. Moscow, however, rejects the charges as a "provocation" by itself.
Russia moved allegedly soldiers and weapons in the occupied territories of separatists in the Ukraine, in which elected today. According to observers, dozens of trucks carrying missile launchers among others.
With the elections scheduled for Sunday in the eastern Ukrainian separatist's areas, the rebels want to demonstrate their independence. While every day people are killed - despite ceasefire.
In the "People's Republic of Donetsk" is selected for the first time. Here, the winner already is but firm. A real election campaign had pro-Russian separatists not necessary.
the United States foreign policy for years has only proved to be a disaster.
When the ashalt melts under one´s feet, it´s time for a bowl of cold soup and this is really a delicious one from Ukraine.
We are from nature and sticking to its ways of self-renewal will stand us in good stead than trying to assert to deprive and humiliate others like we tend to do as a matter of course. We have to raise our bar in terms of coexistence and inclusiveness to take the next step forward in o...
America needs to stand up to Russia and show them that we are not willing to accept being provoked by warplanes and illegal lkand grabs. We need to reassert our place in the world.
Odessa's iconic and beloved Privoz Fish Market was the scene yesterday, April 9, 2014, of a heartwarming flash mob performance.
President Obama to Offer Putin Alaska if He Will Pull out of Ukraine
There are lots of conspiracy and counter-conspiracy theories going on as to the ongoing saga in Crimea.
In this maiden writ Captain Frank Herman Grifford hits the ground running, so to speak, and eloquently writes about humanity down in the dumps, its spiritual growth stunted by religion by wicked design from the very beginning. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
The arrogance and hubris and hutzpah of John Kerry seems to know no bounds. His latest pronouncement regarding events in Ukraine is a glaring example.
By backing a coup against the democratically elected president of Ukraine, America is treading on very dangerous ground.
A short explanation of the current events concerning the situation in the Ukraine
If you check my 5 or 6 recent articles, they have been centered on my excitement on graduating from the medical school and becoming a Doctor. Now, I just want to summarize briefly my stay in Ukraine for the past 6 years.
Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, the Ukrainian doctor first formulated this method of Hyperventilation for treatment of Asthma.
Movie review over the 2012 horror film Chernobyl Diaries
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