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The bond between a father and his son is sublime and is the subject of study of many psychologists. However, there are fathers of different types, and their responses towards their offspring vary.
When you are uncertain, you are lost within yourself. This surprising conclusion is reached in this article, because the writer is asserting here, that there is nothing that is uncertain under the sun. The truth is that we all know it all already. We can all be as perfectly certai...
Sometimes I feel single, it's wrong but sometimes with another girl I want mingle.
To seek, and experience love, is all we should do! Read more:
Certainty is often held as having a high value. It is comforting to feel 'sure.' Comforting and correct are not always the same thing.
I wrote this a couple of weeks ago for somebody, decided to publish it now. A bit of pain, a dash of uncertainty, some love-oriented thoughts and sentiments. One of my few poems that actually rhymes.
More snippets. More bits and pieces. An impulsive triplet-couplet, a simple yet cryptic societal comment, an emotion-explosion and a disgruntled hypothetical tale.
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