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I write a tribute to my uncle and namesake, 2391 Pte Moses A.C. Ingram.
Well, we're here! Uncle Dawsey and Auntie Saffy's house. Uncle Dawsey comes out to open the gate for us. Seeing the old man come down all the way down the hill, Mother remarks: "Why have they never installed an electric gate?" "Stingyness", Father says.
There are many people walking around out there who could just be angels in disguise. This story is about my old Uncle, who I very much feel was one of these. Read my story, and see if you agree with me.
These are the rose petals found after my uncles death
There was a raspberry tree outside our tea estate residential quarters. I name it raspberry because there is no other name known to me for this unique fruit tree. Like my grandfather, that raspberry tree loved me as long as it lived and now is no more. I cherish its fond memories in...
A reflection on water aerobics and some of its glorious side effects in the name of friendship and life experiences.
This is from the memory of a five year old girl, this is my story.
It came to me recently how we all rush through our lives and sometimes do not have the time to stop and appreciate the important things. The nature that surrounds us, the wonderful views that are maybe on our doorstep and just take a break from the hectic lifesyle of today's modern wo...
My uncle loved sailing and took my friend and I on a lake-water adventure. Even at 24, sailing with my godfather makes me feel 6 again!
This is a short story i wrote for my fiction writing workshop class. It is based off of what i remember of my uncle Bill.
The pain people give to their kids, 'should' be criminal. With Andy, I feel both his parents should be put in a cell and the key thrown away.
Time went on, I started to heal and then, in walks a young man, that will forever be part of my heart.
My uncle, the quiet millionaire. If there's anything I learned from him, it is how to be fearless and committed.
We thought we were doing a good deed. Little did we know that no good deed goes unpunished!
I didn't take pictures during this Christmas day, I was too busy soaking up all the love and joy I could. I am sharing pictures of my family of them now and three pictures of our furry family members, that have since passed
This is a story I had a written for my English class. I decided it was pretty good and so I thought I'd share it on Wikinut.
Honesty is the best policy but sometimes very embarrassing.
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