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Did God really create us to fulfill some purpose or do we have free will to do and be who we choose to become? My contention is that our family, peers, teachers, and relationships do more to create the person we become than some idea of God does.
Many of us claim to hear some type of an inner voice at times, but where is this voice coming to us from, and which one is the real inner voice? This article will address this question, and it will endeavour to come up with a good answer, or two to it.
A man attends his own wake and funeral but in invisible to others. .
I have heard it said that there is never a wrong time to say, or to do the right thing. Is this right though? This article explores this question in relation to spiritual law, balance, timing, and the way that things are said, or done.
This is a poem about how our inner anger can do almost as much damage as our outer anger, especially to the person who's suppressing it. Conditional loving must be replaced by unconditional loving to remove the attachment of anger. Resentment can build into anger from only loving so...
This is a short poem about how the power of imagination is never a delusional one. It brings us into realities that we could never have entered otherwise. Keep your feet on the Earth, but allow your mind to soar into the Heavens. Get past the delusion to the realness of your being yo...
Is it possible to not get hurt in loving someone who loves someone else?
This is an article about love. It tries to explain what love's all about, and how we can more deeply love others, God, and ourselves. God is love, so are we, that's when we listen to, and follow his love within us. Our pain remains, if our love's not being itself fully as love, ful...
A love poem, I hope you guys feel the connect. . ♡♡
This short poem shows us that Jesus' love lifts us up to be ourselves. Never does it pull us down. We need to love God, and then we are immediately pulled up from our own doubts and fears into his love. Love equals love. There is only love. Everything else is of our own making. W...
After a year of creating articles, I look back on their conception and subsequent place in the world. Like so many lost and forgotten and ill-begot pieces of me, they languish in the cloud of sanguine resignation.
This poem is dedicated to all the fathers in the world especially to my beloved father who gave me too much love and affection when he was alive.
the four distinguishing types of love that gives us such great pleasure,love is the stream through familiarity of the common cord that holds our emotions together
Charlie is my dog,she has got to be there to greet me,happy or sad she knows my emotions.How can that be..............
All about why I love dogs and why I have so many. Why they are good for us and good companions.
The power of acceptance does not come from acceptance itself. It is more about the acceptance of our own power more fully. When we accept all that we are, we will also accept all that is, in relationship to us as well. This is what unconditional loving is really all about.
Love is the deepest root, that nourishes the heart to grow. Nothing comes more pure than the love of a child. Cultivate their spirit, and they will carry your legacy with them, always.
The second Sunday in May is observed as Mothers Day. Whether our mother is here in physical form or just a beautiful memory, let us honor her with love.
Many psychologists believe that too much time spent in front of video games can cause a young person to lose touch with reality! Are Americans faced with having to pay the piper (so to speak) for using video games as glorified “Baby Sitters?”
They say only husbands could be our better halves... But with my BOO? She offered a love that more than a lover could give...
With America's high rise of divorces, it's important to remember what's important. It's imperative to keep hope and love in your heart.
Is there any force in this world greater than love?
When you grow up learning without adult parents, life can become an obstacle course. Only in my youth did I seek Divine Wisdom and found that it comes from trials and tribulations. So finding the appropriate Love and support is similarly the same.
A piece attempting description of a state of mind, what it may feel like
Children, when expressing their innermost freedom of spirit, possess an unadulterated presence which relieves the pressure of trying to be good. They are good without trying to be.
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