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Being cool and comfortable as well as smart in Summer can be achieved too.
This is an update of the news item present in the online papers today. It concerns the hardware and software developments in your underwear so do not move an inch without reading all about it first. There is every chance that there could be explosions all over the place…and some spa...
It's amazing how many items there're in the kitchen that can be used as very natural cosmetics at a cheaper price.
Having an intimate friend has a positive effect on Felipe and all concerned are pleased.
Cristiano Ronaldo. He was only wearing underwear. Cristiano Ronaldo for what appeared like it?
An awkward encounter in a doctor's office. Where a nurse walks in on a patient in an awkward moment.
In August, I wrote about a Siloam Springs dress code policy that was slut-shaming the female students of its campus. Little Rock has decided to go a step farther and slut shame the teachers. I cannot make this stuff up!
I decided to compile some sex Quotes as my first contribution to this site, as a newbie here, I hope your Old members would enjoy this. I dedicate this article to Funom Makam for bringing me into this community and I hope he excels the way I intend to.
Can colors change our mood? They are certainly used a lot to describe our mood, feeling blue, in the pink, green with envy. Perhaps we can use colors to help in our lives, to lift our moods, will our choice of underwear color reflect our moods? Can we keep happiness in our pants?
You can still purchase quality lingerie, bras and panties at an affordable price. Here are a few tips to save you money and add to your collection when buying lingerie.
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