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Permaculture will help people to grow their own food, respecting their environment. This is why Bill Mollison says it's shockingly subversive.
This is a fictional narration, the words came to me this morning, as i walked pass the Citizens Advice Bureau office and noticed the long queue of people waiting to get in, what struck me was the look of despair around them. I then allowed my imagination run riot.
Seven out ten people love their jobs, but thousands hate having to start a new week again.
After work or family responsibilities, we should have time for ourselves to develop whatever we wish to develop.
Getting a job isn't as simple as one would think, and a career is even harder to pursue in 2014... It takes more than motivation to be successful in todays world. You also need CONFIDENCE and SMARTS. This article has some rant in it, but, it's all positive (read further than the words...
Currently going through a tricky patch in life - Unemployment - This is a quick poem I wrote up today in light of this.
This poem is about a day in the life of a New York City canner.
More often than not there are warning signs before company layoffs actually begin, but if you are not tuned in to the correct frequency you will miss the message. If you want to be one of the first to spot impending layoffs so you can be prepared for the possibility of being back on t...
Looking at the future prospects for any part of the world requires a thorough analysis and bringing out the findings, even-though they are hard to perceive. Ontario, one of the industrial heartlands of North America is a mess and need more than a quick fix. This is a socialist analysi...
Ray of hope for thousands of job seekers as Nestle Kenya draws ambitious recruitment plan
Give the unemployed plots where they can grow their own healthy food as they´ll be able to eat and they´ll have something to focus on every day.
If this 1% of the world population act out globally to implement their austerity plans on us, it´s common sense that we the 99% remaining should act in the same way.
The Tory Party conference arrived in Manchester this week, a blue-clad juggernaut driving through one of the reddest of cities, politically at least. On Monday, we heard how George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, plans to reorganise the benefit system; this is why you should den...
Wasn't technology supposed to let us have a lot more spare time to engrosse in a good book or to stay with our families?
No Matter how hard job haunt is on these days, these tips may help in some way.
This page will discuss a job opportunity that I had today. It will discuss why I passed the opportunity up. It will state that there was about 100 people applying for the positions available, It will discuss my qualifications for the job and why I feel I would have been hired.
With people desperate for work the world over, scammers are lining up to rip them off.
A fictional, satirical look at the stresses of unemployment and the ambiguous nature of potential employers.
A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune's inequality exhibits under this sun. - Thomas Carlyle
A majority of the time a successful business isn’t standing solely on the founder’s back. Strong businesses may start that way, but over time they grow to be a mix of not only the product or service offered, but the individuals working to deliver that product or service. Hiring th...
"After Completion of the Education also why my youths are still crazy for Britain and America if They Love those persons let the British and America come and Rule Us Again.If My Beloved Indian Friends IITians, NITian and Top Notched Intellectual friend are not ready to serve India and...
It is a poetry abou my feelings as being unemployed and precaurious life and hoping to find a way out
Comments, given in a respectful manner, but contrary to the author's beliefs, are being deleted, but attacks are made and allowed to remain on the page.. These are attacks, i.e. accusing me (Ivyevelyn) of needing, "a sexual experience with another woman" and being told to "*** OFF, s...
Unemployment after graduation. Have you got a job and if so is it the right one and how long did it take?
A continuation of Help and Hopelessness, Aster gets herself into more trouble.
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