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The pain of divorce and unfaithfulness, the desperation of trying to save a 'sinking ship'.
Unfaithful husbands make the heart ache, especially when you truly love them.
Why is this man bending my ear about all of his wife's faults?
A poem about being in a relationship with someone who is unfaithful and lies to you. They are always putting you down and controlling you, and keeping you isolated from family and friends.
The Fourth part in a series exploring Adultery, this time looking at the betrayed husband.
The second part of the Article,"Adultery 101", with tips.
The Summer barbecue has become a traditional part of British life. Read on my friend.
Cheating is a thing that two people get in and the sin gets under the skin, its hard to forgive and still feel free to live, but there is no escape the turmoil of cheating .
Men cheat for many reasons, some even cheat for no reason. Below are the top 10 reasons why men cheat:
Women tell lies for many reason and it would probably surprise you to find out that married woman have their own set of lies they tell. The next time you hear the following, you'll know what it really means.
Through out her career Diane Lane has starred opposite some of Hollywood's most recognizable faces from Laurence Olivier through to the likes of John Cusack, Donald Sutherland, Bill Paxton and Dermot Mulroney. But the one actor she has starred most often with is Richard Gere.
Ruth has something on her mind that she needs to share with someone.
I gave you my heart and love but that wasn't enough.
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