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The Court of Justice of the European Union (EU) laid the foundations for a coherent EU legal system.
The worst state to work for. Hey, lawyers this is the state where you can make a great living suing businesses. Wow, they're still so cave man like stage.
I am having a rough holidays, I have written a three part letter to convey the strife I'm presently living in... I need help, and I am not too proud to ask for it.
A poem of how being in love can tug on the heart and the mind which will you choose?
In higher worlds the concept of traditional marriage does not exist. At the level of a paradisiacal order the union between a man and a woman is voluntary, sacred, free, strong, and entered into without compulsion by authorites to remain in it when the need for a new experience has ar...
When we come together as one, all things are possible.
My pleasure knows no bounds as I have succeeded in steering clearing the house husbands. My brain wave uplifted our status. All the house husbands were very happy over the progress they made for their rights.
We all know our friend Buzz to be an excellent writer, as evidenced by his outstanding poems and essays. We also know him to be a person who vocalizes his thoughts and stands by what he says. But how much do we really know him?
It is amazing what is involve in a union, and how easy discontentment can take over.
A short Haiku Poem, where just a few words yields a thousand images
Yoga is an evolutionary process. It is a process in the development of human consciousness. Yoga is not a process of physiology or psychology or rather it is a practice of higher consciousness. Yoga of surrender leads us to unlimited joy and peace.
This article is about reforming our school system and creating jobs here in America.
On the day when a Prince weds his bride here in the UK, and scenes of jubilation are a quieter corner, without all the fuss, a man proposes to his girl...and she too, whispers...'Yes'...
Hundreds of Thousands of everyday people from across the entire U.K marched against the Cuts to Services, Jobs, Pensions on Saturday 26 March 2011 in London England. People from all walks of life walked in peaceful demonstration to say 'Enough is Enough'. One voice in the dark is smal...
This is a poem about what you might wish for in a new boss.
This article will show you what strategies were used in the Civil War.
Workers of America unite! You have nothing to lose but your freedom!
Writers need support from other writers in their community. Writers can pray together, and encourage one another. Francis de Sales is the saint for authors and teachers. Let's give thanks and inspire one another.
The ways some people go about choosing that person the want to have in a realtionship.
Writers can give other writers encouragement by sending friendly email messages or talking on chats. This will help other writers feel inspired to write more informative article, breath taking poems, great looking slideshows, and great sounding audios.
Demonstrations and rallies - all that they do is to add to the fear of investors depriving ourselves of the investments needed to kick-start the economy but they also help to check our officials' wrong doings!
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