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The process of exploring the "twilight zone" in the deep areas surrounding the coral reef in the Caribbean, to discover the many types of fish, a previously unknown in science.
Some of my latest written articles submitted for publication have vanished, leaving no trace.
Being on your own needs courage of conviction and living with that. Moreover, it must be realized that nobody in the world is anxious about you more than you yourself or at the most your near and dear ones, up to varied extents
The uniqueness, each one of us possesses, indicates, as far as individual growth is concerned, that one has to go his/her own unique way independent of all others. Since, such individual paths shall also be unique, there is no possibility of mutual conflicts in pursuance of individual...
Be ready to be Filipinized... and try to embrace our cool and unique characteristics
Lviv is a fabulous unearthed gem in a proudly beautiful, richly welcoming country Ukraine. Beneath the ground of this remarkable visual treasure hides a time capsule waiting to be discovered by people with some local knowledge and passion for adventure. 'Kryivka' is a cultural experie...
A Tactical Unique Vehicles, if some of countries world wide use the super cars, luxury sedan as a taxi cab but in Russia there is manifold Tank use for public transportation as a Taxi. Indeed a heavy vehicles is commonly found in the defense department or the battlefield. Given the sh...
Having received this question about royalties through my inbox, it seemed worthy of investigation, some thought, and even a public answer, especially since I wasn't sure who the user is. Payment always seems like a thorny issue, no matter what site you consider, but it often stems fro...
NGABEN or cremation ceremony in Bali has unique meaning in etymology view, belief view and process as well. Read this page to know more.
In this article, I will give some advice for you, ways to apply your lover, in a nice way, and memorable. Creating a date that is not forgotten and others.
Life is more of a business now – value is placed in what everyone brings to the table in terms of material wealth. True wisdom lies in never forgetting the basics – the oneness in our existence and recognizing the uniqueness in each one of us. Family and society will ever remain ...
This article is about a bunch of people who are one of us but are different because they have a different pattern of thinking. These set of people are termed as Artists.
The article features an exclusive egg curry recipe. Its hot and spicy egg curry with a twist.
Here is a dedication for every child and parent to put forward the specialty of every child. The poem is based on personal experiences.
Invitation to enjoy the beauty of nature.. by keeping aside all the worries.. take out time from your busy life and take d pleasure of watching the beauties of nature to get mental peace..and start loving nature and start spreading greenery..
Adventures in trying new hairstyles. And how they sometimes backfire.
The bayou is a wide area that still remains a mystery to most of America.
Transcendental rhythmic poetry to expand your consciousness and inspire perceptual freedom. My hopes is for my works to invoke in any soul who engages their awareness with the words I write to experience their own pure presence, fully exist boundlessly NOW, if only for the moment.
It is my personal opinion that Wikinut chief have to take some bold step to make Wikinut more successful and to give their writers the reward which they deserved.
An Australian sculptor artist named Patricia Piccinini love to make very unique, realistic, mind-boggling, provocative, fascinating sculptures. Because of her controversial artworks, some may think that her artworks are “disturbing” but some may see it as “masterpiece”.
The search of those folks of direct linage for the unique characteristics that make the individual complete and Interest in what we inherit.
People don't need to change to be in, to be fit in the society. This is about loving and accepting yourself and your difference to others.
Nature never discriminates. It is filled with love. It is man’s greed and selfishness that discriminates. Look at the shape of the carrot with its five fingers. Do they point out at the folly of human nature?
It's now 2013, and disability is no longer hidden away as an embarrassment. People with disabilities have their own contribution to give in life, with our help and encouragement. Read on to find out more
A poem inspired by the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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