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Good day folks and welcome to the Devil’s Advocate series with me as your host and author, the MelanKoliK AlKoholiK. Today we will delve into the topic of uniqueness and try to find out what makes us who we are and unique in our own way.
It's truly amazing how unique and different each of my boys are. How each child we bring into this world becomes their very own person. It's extremely important to get to know them on an individual and personal level to ensure their success and happiness in life.
Each of us is a unique individual. This means our children are their own person as well. Learning to treat them as such and parenting them each in a unique way can lead to a happier home and stronger more trusting relationships between parents and their children. These are a few th...
A poem inspired by the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Sometimes we subconsciously judge and categorize people, forgetting to accept them as they come. We all have a story and struggle to share with other individuals and if you feel you do not, then you will..
Dedicated mainly to individuals who are different. Society these days often confuses different to mean weird which leads certain people to shy away from these individuals in the belief that they are creepy. It is only because society does not understand these individuals that they att...
This article is about our uniqueness, we are blessed with our real skills and talents..
A little ode to perhaps make your day a little lighter and a little brighter. Be encouraged and most of all, be blessed!
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