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The world we all cherish is within our cusp yet proves a mirage, remains elusive, when we continue to tread the beaten path away from truth. Creating trust leading to genuine bonding within humanity will lead us to the right path towards truth that alone can unite us. Falsehood will l...
I recently read a book by Diane Francis called Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America Should Become One Country. What she had to say in her book really got me to thinking about what would happen if the two largest countries in the western hemisphere did unite and become one cou...
When the government is not acting against bad things, public should unite and fight against the government
I pray for the eternal world peace. All of you are my soulmates.
Workers of America unite! You have nothing to lose but your freedom!
Christmas is when our lord was born, and when I unite with my family, I always remember this.
When our plans are disrupted by something outside our control it is human nature to look for someone to blame. With industrial action, partly guided by a largely right-wing press, we tend to blame the unions. Unions do not decide to strike, members do. In the United Kingdom the decisi...
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