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In 2007, Richard Hammond left his Porsche on traffic and ran all the way to his home for 16 miles to make it for his daughter birthday
Now's the time to step back and ask yourself if you really, truly care about others. If you see someone is in need what do you do? We all can only do so much and then comes God, as they say, but how much do we really care about other peoples' suffering?
Your weekly ONE STOP SHOP for previews of ALL PREMIERSHIP GAMES! Including tips for your coupons & fantasy teams, PICKLIVE.COM picks & VIDEO LINKS!
A poem I wrote for a school assignment in 6th grade. I'm kinda sentimental about it since it's the first poem I wrote and I've been writng ever since.
Wonderful to know you will be always around me, to Define reality and divide the beauty of time with our lives.
A short essay pertaining to the illogical interpretations of the U.S. Constitution made by liberals/progressives.
Every Sunday morning, one of my very good friends plays the guitar and leads us in communal worship songs before Sunday school classes. While I was watching him play one morning I had a moment where I became very aware of how music affects our spirits and that's what I tried to captur...
Well, not really, I just thought that sounded amusing. /insert thought-torrent here Oh, and "a not-so-hidden message..."
A review of Steven Presley - he is a legend... in my eyes anyway.
A brief exploration of the history and rules concerning the American Flag.
Listed here are 15 strange and weird laws still around in the United States today. Some real crazy laws are included in this list.
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