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I know what I think of when I think of genuine clairvoyance and prophecy: It think of all senses genuinely being trusted, including the intuitive sense about things. Sure, I seemingly oversimplify things with the first sentence, but, in reality, there are not any simple answers under ...
Just where does sensationalism LOVE begin and just where does it end? What exactly is it composed of and what is its yardstick? The diseased, the starving, the destitute...and just where does it leave them? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
When the arrow hits "paydirt" it is time to enact a New Law for the comprehension of the ones who truly do understand there are no "Rights" held within the universal workings which delegate the boundaries of Justice to only one fraction of creation. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Corte...
The latest installment of the factual account of Creation will, admittedly, not be easy to comprehend and digest, given the novelty and complexity of the concepts involved in describing the process. It is not unlike Galileo's discovery, much to the outrage of the church, that the Eart...
Procreation is a means of maintenance and survival of the human species--all duality in cellular structure as found interlinked throughout the universes. Although the most ultimate of human expression of love, procreation has been debased to the level that it is now: Sex as frowned up...
Creation did not happen in the blink of an eye as in six days as the bible says. But like evolution, it happened in minutest stages, a process that took eons of galactic history. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Universal reality can be understood on various levels. Explained peculiarly, or profoundly, it comes across as enigmatic to laymen who have no expert knowledge of the subject, at least in this fifth submission. Be that as it may, this particular writ/file serves as a curtain to be li...
The Universe, if broken down into its elements, consists of duality, diametrically opposed yet one cannot be understood without the other. In friction, they both create a spark and balance of life energy: Black and white, good vs evil, the feminine and the masculine, etc. YIn and Yang...
Before known time at beginning of this fourth yuga no-thing existed...then out of chaos came evolution and it has taken over 400 billion years for us to be as we are today and some still are not....enjoy!
Greed divides society and dampens unity. We need global cooperation to move towards universal government to live in peace. The basics are falling into place.
About our Earth family being a dysfunctional family that needs to be restored toward becoming a healthier universal family.
Because Netflix’s licensing deal with major studios such as MGM and Universal expired in May, about 2,000 titles were removed from their listings.
We all share a universal mind and a universal intelligence.
Devoted toward helping bring unity, peace, love, and harmony to Our Universal Family.
the being of human bondage within this life only tomorrow none knows whos who
Periodical market collapses can be curbed if we stick to the fundamentals of banking. Rampant speculation now encouraged leads to unbridled greed and the final tab lands on the hapless citizen.
There is a method in the working of Universe which may not be apparent now. Justice will be served eventually. Our actions give us solace or boomerang on us for our willful deeds. None should shortchange others and thereby divide society for personal gains.
The Lord led me to write his story from the beginning to the end in a fictional form full of interesting characters. My vision was to those who had never read the bible, would be able to learn the emotions, rationale, and reason that God did what he did, through this novel: to sear th...
One often heard about how sports have brought that change to some people's lives.
In today's work any business much cultivate that culture of thinking globally.
This heart-wrenching documentary styled film follows five individual stories of isolation, pain and bullying in an attempt to highlight the 13 million children who suffer bullying in America every year.
World has just celebrated the Universal Children's Day. We all love children. They are the future. We wish that the children should be groomed and educated properly. But our over anxiety has made children carry the burden of the whole world on their little backs.
Dharma is the symbolic word heard often in Hinduism. It is not exclusive to Hinduism. It is a way of life common to the universal family of humanity.
Universal video format for any mobiles? You may think it is unimaginable. This article will reveal truth about the universal output video solution through my own experience.
Love is the antidote for hatred, and goodwill for anger: the presence of one implies the absence of the other. Anger, on the other hand, is defined as an attitude, which wants to generate violence, an agitation against something either animate or inanimate.
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