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How does one rate education, is education just formal education, does street smarts and life events count?
This is a a story of a battered woman and her son who were lucky they made away from the abusing boyfriend without getting murdered.
University life comes with lots of classes and lots of hard work. Sometimes it brings love to two lonely people.
The following is a testimonial of an obese woman in Montreal. Obese Montrealers can seek help through dieticians, such programs as weight watchers and obesity clinics.
The end of my 2nd semester is fast approaching, and I am so excited to share every detail I experienced during this awesome semester
Did you know that the National Selection Entrance State University in 2014 have new policy? lets read here.
Process and procedure of the National Selection Entrance State University,
How did I start my university life? Is it full of thrills? excitements?
#2 in the "Things I Wish I Knew" series. This focuses on the whole reason why you're in Tokyo in the first place: studying.
#1 in the "Things I Wish I Knew" series, about perhaps the most important factor of all: money.
Since the introduction of free further education it is still the two tear society system that it has always been.
At times the poem points out and at other times it connotes the end of a summer where the universal life cycles in different seasons. Do good before it’s too late. Time is too short to enjoy life with virtues. Life is good! Ponder it, excogitate it and discard the bad things inside ...
The University of Loughborough attracts thousands of young people every year. As a prominent student town, Loughborough has a lot to offer its young and ambitious students, from great city events to delicious restaurants and even better pubs.
One of the biggest hurdles when you get to university is eating within your financial limits. This means cooking for yourself, rather than going out or grabbing a take away. This article looks into ways to do this as cheaply and healthily as possible.
Many people going to university this year will need to learn to budget for the first time in their lives. Here are 10 tips to aid in this process.
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