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Is it possible to not get hurt in loving someone who loves someone else?
Thoughts and emotions around feelings for someone which is ultimately unrequited. Final reaslisation and eventual letting go,
a daydream i often have about an individual i will never have.
The Mancharians takes up the topics that universally touch the lives of people. Loved ones that have departed from Earth, love that was never returned and meeting our "soul mates" or "twin flames" are among the topics discussed. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Falling for your best friend who doesn't feel the same but he goes on to ignore you instead of talking it through
a poem co-written by myself and my daughter Aria about an unrequited love. We were inspired by music we were listening to and wrote it out of boredom.
I spent a lot of years desperate and dateless, this is yet another poem from that time
More unrequited love. you get that when you fear rejection
a look at un-delcared and thus unrequited love
Are you doomed when it comes to your love life? Maybe the problem is not the guys...maybe it's you..Well, find out why…
It happens to a lot of people…you love him with all you heart, but he barely notices your existence....
The Song of Achilles, written by Madeline Miller, is the winner of The Orange Prize 2012. A beautiful story of love, mythology and violence all rolled into one entertaining novel. This is a review from my point of view as a lover of everything to do with Greek Mythology and the Ancien...
Love, if unrequited will fade away. It should be a mutual feeling. (In this poem, I played around with past and present tenses.)
You better know who the person is before you move for she might cause you another broken heart.
You better get to know a little bit of that person first before you do your romantic moves.
You only call a girl hard-to-get if you can't even know her name.
I think everyone can relate to this poem. We have all experience having romantic feelings toward someone who does not reciprocate!
A short story of the author's emotional life and thoughts when dealing with a former idol of hers and the ensuing dream images that were provoked from reflecting on his life and her own place in that soul's life through real-seeming like out of body experiences and by meeting him on t...
This is a poem about the pain of love, which is not reciprocated.
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