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The truth exists in a vessel of itself embedded within the energy of God's love. It is extracted from love by loving God. When you love God, his love lives in you being you, and then all of his truths are revealed to you. When you do not love God sufficiently from your whole perso...
A short quip on the phenomenon of "playing roles" throughout life and the necessity of illusion for life in general.
We see endless violence in the world. People belonging to one creed, culture or color harbor prejudices and hatred against people of other creed, culture and color. This attitude of hatred and prejudices has been deepened generation after generation. Can we go back to the time where w...
Do you anyone who lies? Do you know anyone who doesn't lie? Is it human nature to tell a little white lie once in a while?
Buddhism teaches man how to live life according to basic rules. The five principles are the guidelines for man to lead a moral life on the Earth and to avoid rebirth in lower forms of life.
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