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Unusual and strange food combinations can become something special to search for and experience while traveling. Choose a bizarre food for each area you visit.
On this page you will find my poems that range from the mundane to the deeply spiritual and profound.
A poem inspired by the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Pigs are very smart, on par with dogs. If you know that you could not handle owning a dog because of time requirements, then a pot bellied pig is probably not the right pet for you. Learn more about selecting and care for a pet Pot Bellied Pig.
Many people think they want to own an Exotic Pet, and some get one too soon, without much thought. Know the facts, the pros, and cons, of keeping an Exotic Pet.
Possible course offering of a fictional University . Classes that teach students about what to expect in the "real " world... An offbeat way to look at college and what it should be.
This poem is sounding to me a wayward and wild a bit of mental scenario
Are you looking for an unusual exotic pet? Would you like a pet that is cheap and easy to care for? Perhaps a pet rock is just the pet for you!
Yorkshire has much to offer any tourist. While it offers the usual shopping haunts and great nightlife, it's availability of unusual activities is what sets this region apart.
We each house our ways of doing things, RedNecks have Ingenious ways of doing things!
Whether you're visiting London or live here and fancy seeing something new, sometimes the number of choices open to you can be overwhelming. Here are a few things you might not find in all of the tourguides. Take your camera with you, because there are some great photo opportunities.
Skunks are not commonly kept as pets in most areas, but in areas where they are allowed as exotic pets they are becoming popular and trendy. Obviously the main concern is smell, but skunks can be de-scented and tame ones are not likely to spray anyhow. There are many things to consi...
A personality may be assessed as extraordinary by one may be asessed to be abnormal by another person. It is all due to subjective assessments.
We have an Easter Heatwave in England, and I am enjoying it, along with everyone else.
I chose to use one of my own paintings to depict the inestimable bondage of ill refuted 'trials and tribulations' we bring upon ourselves when not following the dictates of our own heart. The journey through our incalculable precarious soul will add irretrievable beauty and ineffable ...
Background Wilma Rae Downs, the 69 Year Old Mountain recluse, thinks she has pulled the last straw of resolution, in hopes of saving her home from total destruction by the "State". But, the darkest clouds form just before the dawn, or do they?
Background The showdown had arrived. Wilma Rae Downs, the 69 year old mountain recluse, fell victim to Jasper, the disturbed 13 year old boy who seized the opportunity to take advantage when she was the most vulnerable. Simon's prophetic words came to pass.
Background The inevitable showdown between the 'State' and Wilma Rae Downs, the 69 year old mountain woman, is fast drawing to a close. Less than 24 hours stand between her and the unstoppable onslaught of unfortunate events which are about to accelerate...
Background Charlie Braxton McRoy finds himself in a most precarious situation. He can hardly move, since the weight of his feet has been plastered to a Castle floor by invisible forces, he has no way of controlling. A Genuine Red & White Sand Blaster, his one desire
What does cultural belief say about these mysterious Naga Fireballs?
Where does the Naga Fireball occur? Can we see it too?
Have you experience this? I bet you have. We all do.
A summary about the snake-skinned children in India.
This weird occurrence happened in India. A place where mysteries sprout daily.
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