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When a new planet is discovered and subsequently named, the archetype of that planet, in terms of meaning, becomes important in the mass consciousness. The name of the planet is significant, as is its mythology.
This is my take on what each of the planets I write about has to offer....maybe so maybe no...but why not for we all travel there at sometime or another!!!! enjoy
The relationship between Uranus, the planet of awakening and liberation, and Pluto, the planet of death, destruction, annihilation and transformation, is the astrological signature for times of upheaval and profound social and cultural change.
The Mayan Calendar came to an end but I think it is the end of a 25,000 year period and newness is being brought forward in so many areas of our energies for us to deal with...enjoy them for that is how you will lift....
This is a rare chance to easily find Uranus in the night sky.
Everything is spirit the formless energy that is everywhere. Whatever we do or think creates a matrix in this energy that will manifest for us in form. Be very careful for everything that is placed in this spiritual energy will be returned to you.
excerpt from the work "Uranium West" an original work by Toni Roman, Ms. Roman is previously known as a writer of Sarah Connor Chronicles fan fiction and is now making her transition to commercial author. She does not have an agent yet.
Exploring the idea that we are traveling in one of two realities existing side by side.
The generation now just beginning to come of age is an awakened group.
The times are definitely changing, but, in truth, how close are we to the Age of Aquarius?
Come with me on a trip around the horoscope wheel as we delineate the meaning of Uranus in each of the twelve houses, and throw in a few astronomical facts about this most unusual planet.
During this decade, astrological alignments presage a great shift in mass consciousness, and a corresponding shift in the way society is organized.
A look a our planets name and the connection with Greek and Roman mythological links.
If you learn all the things planets, signs and houses 'rule', then you will be well on your way to becoming a proficient astrologer.
The principle purpose of the planet Uranus is to awaken and liberate.
We examine the eleventh house of the horoscope and how it relates to the birth chart as a whole.
Uranus transits call us to break free of restrictions and break through to create new possibilities in our lives.
Article explores the upcoming square between Uranus and Pluto and what it means in terms of world events.
This article gives information about the moon of Saturn Titan. It includes information about its surface including new facts found by satellites.
This article has information about Ganymede, one of Jupiter's moons. It includes its distance from Jupiter, mass, and some details about the other three Galilean moons of Jupiter.
This article gives details about the planet Mercury. It includes information about some of its biggest craters, new developments, temperature, distance from sun, etc.
This article explains what we know about the planet of the eighth planet in the solar system Neptune. It explains about its thirteen moons and gives information about some of the discoveries made by the satellite Voyager 2.
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