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I Want To Share Some Experiences In This Page.If You Find Any Mistake from This Article then Pls Apologize me.
Though there are too many incarnation stories emerging around the world, there are still more questions regarding this to arrive at a clear picture.People are just confused as there are stories from both sides
Jérôme Michaud-Larivière Engineer and founder of the company New wind, 26 feet tall trees having wind turbines in the form of leafs. They silently produces the energy by with low wind also.
In this article I briefly tell the story of an italian mouvement of guerrilla gardening made by people who work as volounteers promoting a positive philosophy of urban gardening, sustainable living and social interaction.
This is an urban legend that's been told in my island, how people came across some terrifying creatures at night. i made it into a poem.
Mornings will not be mornings without the mad rush. However, things get complicated when there is a mystery confronting you. Do you solve it? Do you leave the unsolved mystery behind? Come on, there are things to do this morning.
How to easily make money on the popular street wear site
Urbanization is an overcrowded settlement of human beings in a particular place at a particular time which is always associated with much impact on the environment.
A trend that may be a revolutionary one, but I'm afraid they won't let it prosper.
This is a story of how our family hobbies lead to bonding time
Pastiche, as opposed to parody, seeks to celebrate the original art it imitates. Here, a famous poem by Thomas Gray, dating from the mid-18th century, given a 21st century update.
As per the 2001 Census, India had a population of 1027 million people, out of which 22 percent were staying in the urban areas. Increased economic development and migration is leading to a huge increase in urban population. By 2030, the urban population is expected to reach more than ...
Discussing urban farming and how it is beneficial to you and your community
How often in the name oi progress, for each apparently good project, something adverse can occur over time.
Here are some preventive ways to reduce dog bites incidents.
One good trait of the Filipino family is the great affection and concern for family members, helping the members in any way especially those who have less in life and taking care of the old folks in their leading years. But this concern for the larger community, like corruption, poli...
This poem is based off of a foggy day in the community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The poem has significant imagery and a type of gentle feel to it that gives this poem a type of pulse. It seems that even in the most silent of things, significant life can be found, if one was to look c...
Anyone who is thinking of venturing into homesteading, becoming self sufficient by farming on a very small scale, had better be prepared. The following is a list of things, some skills, some assets, needed to start up a homesteading lifestyle.
C-Walk dance is a popular among urban communities and teens are crazy about it. There are some school administrators who ar against with it since it is related with gang activities. Is the dance a forbidden dance?
C-Walk dance is an urban dance popular mostly in Europe. This is a dance craze with a lot of footsteps.
A growing trend among suburbanites is backyard chicken farming. Advantages to keeping laying hens include natural pest control, organic fertilizer and of course, eggs.
This poem has been in my head for quite some time. I did not write it as soon as the thought struck me, if I rushed the thought, the poem wouldn't have been the way I wanted it. This was inspired by an instrumental song i heard and the feelings i felt as i listened to the song, pretty...
The environment has a great impact to a child’s language development it is because a child learns his native language with the people who are with him during his development. If I am to compare a child who was born and stayed at the place which is isolated from the crowd just like t...
Based on certain feelings I had at the point in time, this clashed with what I see when I walk my dog during the night. That's what sparked this one. Comments are Open.
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