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This article is about US politics and Franklin Views about US Constitution.
The Union and the Confederacy came from the same founding fathers. Much of what the South did mirrored the North's actions of the late 1700s. While they didn't create their nation from scratch, they did improve it in several ways. Here's a brief comparison of their Constitutions and a...
The US Supreme Court allows the wearing of a headscarf but a high school teen can't wear his eagle feather in his cap at graduation???
Over the past few presidential elections US citizenship among the candidates has become quite a point of contention. So just who can claim natural born US citizenship?
They say life imitates art; but can fact imitate fiction? How much fact is in fiction?
The lack of accountability regarding the procedure of negotiations for the TTIP leads inexorably to the marginalisation of the EU citizens. Only by considering this procedure as provided by the TFEU, their absence appears flagrant. Though the European Union Parliament remains a fundam...
During America's first four years, Vice Presidents were not elected. They were presidential losers. Read how the election process has evolved over the years. Reprint of Historically Yours column, Boonville Daily News on November 5, 2014.
2014 is the time for the United States to step up the negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
Sharia Law is not needed in America nor in any other free world.
Six Flags Great Adventure has always been one of my favorite amusement parks, a place I could go and spend the day but a recent event at the Jackson Six Flags Great Adventure Park has caused me to reevaluate the parks. Shockingly, Six Flags does not support the First and Second Amendm...
As opposed to ideological agendas in the American political arena, conservatism is more a way of life based upon common sense than it is shoving the arrogance of intellectual superiority down the throats of the unwilling as liberals often do.
Is the US Constitution outdated and irrelevant as some would suggest or is it just a matter of following what it says? Here is but one poignant example Obamacare.
It is when the safety of our children comes into question that our society faces its greatest challenge. School shootings challenge more that the community in which they happen, they impact the whole of society, drastic change is needed now.
Obama publicly states two different birthdates, claims father a WWII veteran, indicates country of birth different from USA, Michelle confirms Obama’s home country Kenya.
While Americans satisfy their addictions by sitting bug eyed in front their televisions and computers, the wonks in Washington have been rewriting our constitution.
This is more editorial than news, but there doesn't seem to be a better suited category.
I generally fall in the moderate to conservative leaning camp on most issues, sometimes leaning right a little more than at other times. And, though it may not appear to be so at first glance on this topic, I think I still fall on the conservative side.
The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution and the right to bear arms
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