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Valentine mania..Every day is my Valentine day what have you to say
Valentine rehearsals at seven again today All are welcome but kindly please be slightly decent
A thrilling first valentine together with a woman who never expected to be with me that day.
Hearts and Roses were all about my Valentine's day with my love. Poems about how I spent Valentine's day.
I had written an article about valentine cutouts about the paper valentine cutouts we all received as children in elementary school. In my day, many children were disappointed because only the popular students benefited from the exchange. There were unpopular kids who never got any at...
Valentine ..Our Valentines INSPIRED BY LADY CAROL’S VERSE..How we all always wish our Valentines lasted for ever...
Just in case you haven’t felt it yet on social media, a whole new countdown just started - the countdown to Valentine’s Day. After everyone else has saved up for splurging for the holidays, the next event everyone is preparing for now is that other red letter day. It mattered, sur...
These are poems that I wrote to depict what a true Valentine can be. Poems to describe the joy in your heart of having found your true Valentine, partners together forever bonded by love,
This is a short story I wrote recently and would like to share with my community here. This is a story of two people living in two different countries but madly in love with each other
Valentiny spirit We must learn to change with time and lead lives as we wont to instead of follow ing past archaic customs.....
Is it ok to be alone on Valentines Day? Not everyone is smooching under the starts this valentines day, they are still single people out there just like you.
When you love someone your mind can be free, to dream of your love, where every you may be. A simple poem about love.
A short story which reflects a particular period in my life
A short poem about valentine's day and a love meant to last forever.
Haiku that I have written on flowers and nature. I hope you enjoy reading them. Kindly let me know if I am breaking any rules of haiku, just started writing them.
(Today I saw the google doodle and I wrote this to my love.)
This is a poem I wrote on behalf of a dear friend especially for St Valentine's day. She doesn't have the courage to reveal herself to the recipient, but wanted him to know that he is something special.
Valentine is a special day on 14 February each year Why all know by now If you don't ask someone you'd love to..
All those years his mother prayed....God does answer prayer
It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air. While some of our Wikinut writers have given their shares through poems and essays, let me share mine through symbols.
Valetine's Day is a big celebration in the United States, with hearts and flowers and candy and special treats. Here is my own original poem for this Holiday.
Valentine's Day is a commercial miracle but can it really have any serious significance?
We may never see him, but that winged cherub with the angelic smile and bow and arrow is out there, just waiting for the moment to strike..Maybe it just might be you he is lining up next..You can run..but you can't hide... Wishing you all a happy and romantic Valentine's Day tomorrow!
Yes sometimes one has to make the best of whatever situation, Don't complain just be creative
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