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Six of the best herbal teas to aid digestion. The first post of a series on healing teas. Each is introduced with it's own descriptive Haiku.
Valerian is a powerful herb that can be used as a natural remedy to treat many conditions. Here are some of the benefits that anyone can enjoy from Valerian.
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Insomnia can be treated effectively without consuming medicines. This article provides information regarding natural remedies for insomnia.
Other herbal agents useful for the safe and effective treatment of stress and anxiety include hops, lemon balm, and lavender.
While living in California, I took a course in herbology called the “12 most powerful common herbs.” These herbs are considered by many herbalists to be the most powerful among “everyday herbs,” and a good starting point for learning the symptom/herb relationship. Premier to...
Getting a good nights sleep is becoming a major dilemma and there is a growing demand for natural remedies to avoid taking prescribed medication. Although, sleeping pills are effective, there is a risk of becoming dependant on such powerful drug to induce sleep. So, it does not come a...
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