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Reflections on returning to my roots. Attending the celebrations of my primary school Centenary has enriched my life and reminded me of who I really am.
A retelling of the New Zealand Maori legend of Okatia and the formation of the Manawatu Gorge and River.
Life is too short to be grumpy. Writing can be a wonderful outlet, a channel for letting go of things that are bothering you.
Competitive sports people are sometimes successful before they've learned to deal with attention. A young competitive swimmer struggles during a long speech. Will the boredom be saved by one small fly? Memories of a swimming championship meet in the early 1960s.
Life is filled with unexpected moments, creating an element of surprise. We can choose to ignore these or deal with them and move forward. Today my cat delivered an element of surprise. He taught me humour can reduce the effect of shock. One cat and one rat have provided plenty of wri...
Shoes for all occasions, mine took me on a trip down memory lane. What life stories do you remember from the shoes of your past?
You've self published your book, but what happens next? How do you bring your work to the attention of potential buyers and readers? Read about how one writer's experience may help you.
Good writers continue to seek ways to improve. Here is the beginning of one writer's journey of self-improvement, with writing tips that will hopefully help other writers..
A small selection of postcards sent to celebrate the coming of the New Year in days gone by.
It is not always easy starting out on a new site. If you have a Twitter account but are unsure of how to use it to promote your articles, this is the article for you. It will take you through the process of sharing your first article, step by step.
In the past a grey haired person may have slowed down and approached life in a more leisurely way. Now, grey hair often means a wealth of wisdom and energy, denoting someone who has much to offer the wider community.
Having a supply of photos and other visual images can be a powerful prompt when a writer needs to generate ideas or capture detail in their writing.
More and more people are writing and hoping to get published. Is self publishing the answer to most writers dreams?
Online content writers are in the business of self publishing and self marketing. No one owes us anything. It is up to us to determine whether we want success or not. We need to establish ourselves as a brand and sell ourselves as best we can.
New fresh writing talent is emerging on Wiknut. Here three new writers are introduced to you.
Entering writing competitions can help improve writing and help prevent a writer from becoming stale and unmotivated.
A clearfile folder lost and found. Sometimes I'm just in too much of a hurry to see what is really there.
Choosing a book on writing from the library shelf, I sat down to read. By page 6 I was inspired enough to pick up my pen and write.
You do not have to be an Olympic sports person to go for gold. Aim to be a winner in every aspect of your life.
Morning thoughts written from the tenth floor of the Bay Plaza Hotel in Wellington, New Zealand, on 19 January 2012.
Memoir writing is not just for the rich and famous. Writing memoir is a way of recording every day incidents from the past.
The day I wrote my first word in chalk on the path is a day I still vividly remember.
Rather than pollute the environment with chemically produced cleaners, why not try old fashioned tried and tested methods? Kinder on the environment, they will also save you money.
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