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It is human weakness to judge others immediately without prior knowledge of the greater picture. Like a bolt of lightning they strike with their baseless opinions and in effect causing chaos among others.
Be ready to be Filipinized... and try to embrace our cool and unique characteristics
This is a fictional narration, the words came to me this morning, as i walked pass the Citizens Advice Bureau office and noticed the long queue of people waiting to get in, what struck me was the look of despair around them. I then allowed my imagination run riot.
This is an article I wrote sometime ago, but is still true. We seem to have a warped sense of values in the West, especially in the United States, where I am most familar with the situation.
Have you ever wondered where this value of "Pi" (π) is 3, 14 and or 22/7 come from? Is it just a guess or obtained by trial and error? Some Mathematicians even spent their whole lives investigating this constant. So why is this constant so special?
All good characters are loving characters according to this writer. Love is greater than all of its parts. Love is unlimited. Love is forever growing and expanding. A value should be the same, as it is part of love. It contains love, and comes out of love. Once a value becomes a tr...
A short consideration on the predicament of my generation and a method for discovering truth in a world of relativism.
Before you marry it might be wise to read and head the information given here. These true life tips can help you avoid problems in your relationship.
Though the rigmarole of elections are gone through in democratic countries the majority will fails to prevail. What use getting elected based on an agenda which cannot be followed up after the elections due to inherent weakness in the system? Technology should help remove roadblocks ...
Koller's work of historical fiction took me by surprise. It is well researched and engaging. Issues of the colonial era are still being debated today, and eternal salvation is a hot topic. I read this book looking for escape from modern times, and instead found myself in the thick of...
Conservatives seem to hate everything and everyone these days. And they justify their hatred or bigotry by using God's name and their so called Christian believes.
It’s a lesson learned from my tortoise, that fruit coming by effort tastes sweeter. A little bit more appreciation makes the world a better place!
Parents play such an important role in life. Acknowledge and value their contributions in your life while they're still around and feel blessed in their presence!
Along the history, India has seen lot of conflicts and contradictions within itself putting its polity, society, economy, international relations and even the very idea of India to tough tests. Fortunately, it has always come victorious against all odds except few unlucky occasions.
Basic Faculties of Science, Arts and Religion together keep a human society in order. And the order is maintained by using the techniques of Medicine, Management or Meditation. Absence of any one dimension would make him/her Wild and Inhuman.
Men when you have a good woman hold on to her she can make you a better man
Generations before us have wondered at the enormity of the Universe and our role in the whole creative process. The more we unravel the puzzles of Creation, the more are the mysteries yet to uncover - wheels within endless wheels!
The Climate Group is an independent, not-for-profit organization working to inspire and catalyze leadership for a Clean Revolution: a low carbon future that is smarter, better and more prosperous. For all.
So a lot of the times now, violent movies/shows and video games are under attack. But are they the problem for increased insensitivity and violence, or is it something else? Here are some of my views on it.
The change in our lifestyles threatens to destroy the very basics that sustained us over generations. We are becoming more selfish and less cohesive society. Time to ponder and sow the right seeds to sustain our journey that has only begun.
Back in 1966 the morals and values of society were not as they are now. This is Karen's story, read on to find out more.
Thoughts never move on till sent their way. Thoughts may change life's style only when received, accepted, and acted up-on.
Should I write about an experience, an achievement, a learning phase.
What is the purpose of your existence? Is your life worth living being a spectator? Every vision of our thoughts could have a living reality in other person. What are you hoping to achieve during your lifetime?
Our ideas of life and death, life after death, good aims of the society, truth, beauty and goodness etc., are the values. All these things human life dynamic, successful and purposive.
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